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  1. That's too bad about the wound. I assume it happened while he was outside? I know this doesn't help you now but you should consider keeping your cat indoors from now on. Our 2 cats are alot less stressed and almost never injured now that their indoors only. That way they don't get into scraps all the time and you don't have to worry about them getting hit by a car. Hope your cat will be all right, I never like to see mine get hurt either.
  2. Sorry but you lost me with the "DC" reference, what is that exactly? And i would have to agree with you it is more than likely my mobo that's holding me back. For instance im set at 4x agp instead of 8x agp which my vid card is capable of. My pagefile is set at 768 would you suggest i set it higher than that? Im not sure about the virtual memory settings. I did the pc pitstop thing and got a good rating, a couple yellow flags and one red tho. They were mostly associated with my Internet settings though. (which i adjusted) I don't have any sound issues now, tho i had to update my bios due to a conflict with my audigy 2 card and my Dell. Now the sound is not a problem anymore. The game generally seems to run smoothly. Thanks for your help thus far.
  3. Anyone notice that the guy who started this thread hasn't posted in it for a very long time? I say we should let this topic die already, please? (Won't someone please think of the children?)
  4. Just out of curiousity what vid card do you have? I have a 9600 pro on a P 2.4ghz, 1gb of crappy pc 133 sdram, and a soundblaster Audigy 2 soundcard. My framerates are kind of sucky until i turn off the moving trees. Then i'm usually between 60-80fps and spike up to 200 plus at times. I play with all settings maxed, no shadows, 1024x768x32 display. Plus i'm using the ati cat. 3.7 drivers, tho thinking of installing the Omega 3.9's if it's worth it. Plus i'm at 2x AA and 2x AF. But like i say my fps aren't great(30-60) until i turn off the trees. Is this reasonable? EDIT : my refresh rate is set at 85hz, and im using Refresh Force. Nothing i can do about the Ram, my "Dell" comp won't accept any other kinds.
  5. Sweet! Can't wait to play it, looks awesome.
  6. Cool pictures. I've got the game as well and think it's really good. How do you take screenshots though?
  7. I voted bowler, tho i've never worn any of those hats. Personally i think the hat Indiana Jones always wore is the coolest.
  8. Actually i have seen most of those movies. (But i still like ninja's better )
  9. Shoot a ninja? That's pretty rediculous! You Gun Nuts forget that ninja's are sneaky, the cowboy would have a throwing star in his forehead long before he could even draw his gun. You need to watch "Revenge of the Ninja" or "9 Deaths of the Ninja" and educate yourself a little more.
  10. You could also try the Sotoplaster v.4 mod which has some dark urban-type skins in it as well.
  11. Here's a link for ya: http://world.guns.ru/assault/as57-e.htm
  12. Hey you forgot Kevin Costner!! Oh yeah, you did say "great" actors...never mind. Anyhoo i voted Ninja of course. Sho Kosugi would cut off John Wayne's head and wear it as a hat!!
  13. Just because you may have been in the military doesnt give you the right to prevent others from having an opinion. Sorry,I thought it was obvious, I was being sarcastic. (And i've never been in the military, or wanted to for that matter.)
  14. Sounds like your mom could use the company more than your dad. Remember they created this mess not you. It's not all up to you to maintain a relationship with your father either. You're their child, they are supposed to love you unconditionally. So you can't please them both all the time, they're the adults they can handle it. Good luck, don't feel guilty whatever your decision is.
  15. Could anyone who's not been in the military please stop having an opinion? Jeepers!
  16. What a surprise! Ignorance is bliss. "It begins in the 1970's in Houston, Texas, when George W. Bush was just starting out in his family's two businesses of politics and oil. The powerful - and very rich - Bin Laden family helped fund his first venture into oil. The cozy friendship continued for decades. After a terrorist attack at a barracks in Saudi Arabia which killed 19 Americans, the bin Laden family received a multi-billion dollar contract to re-build. And incredibly, George Bush Sr. was in a business meeting at the Ritz Carlton Hotel in Washington on the morning of September 11th with one of Osama Bin Laden's brothers." Merry Christmas everyone, and down with free speech there's no room for that on this website! (Unless your pro-Bush that is.)
  17. Let's call it "Operation Overkill". Like White Oak said give her a slap and maybe stuff a sock in her throat, end of crisis.
  18. Hi there. I use a 9600 pro card and 3.7 cat drivers with no issues. You might wanna try out the 3.7 drivers.
  19. Very nice graphics, i look forward to playing this cool looking map.
  20. I beleive the Dead Presidents mod has some SWAT skins as well.
  21. There is a program called "Tune up Utilities" that will allow you to delete entries from the Add/Remove list. I think it has a free 30 day trial. Not to mention it does some nice tweaks to your computer to make it run faster and to clean it up.
  22. that was my favorit part from the first movie - and I didn't even complain that much about how unrealistic it was .... perhaps a first for me " But seriously the UMP on the freeway - not only did he fire like 5 mags worth of ammo without reloading but there is no way he could have not killed everyone in that car - the roof and doors of those things are as bullet-proof as tin foil. My friend (a Matrix fan) says they just used the Matrix to prevent them from being hit and make more rounds in the mag CLARK Yeah, i hate it when "Science Fiction" movies about people who fly and slow down time are fake and/or unrealistic. LMAO
  23. Lookin really good man! You gonna be adding that to your SW mod?
  24. Then why is there a SOAF weapons mod for download available on this site? " SOAF Weapons for GR A Equipment Mod by Parabellum Requires Ghost Recon Added on 5/18/2002 Weighs 1200 kilobytes" Under Equipment section on the Downloads page.
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