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  1. Thanks Sarge.....

    The Omega Drivers gave me more FPS on GR (100+ on 1280x1024x32 Max'd) and a better score on 3dMark2k1SE :D

    Your welcome! I'm glad it helped. :) I wish the ATI Omega's gave a performance boost but I usually seem to notice only a visual improvement with them.

  2. Has anyone else seen this movie yet? I just got back, and it's a great movie. :thumbsup:

    I don't want to give anything away, but the U.S. wins. :P;)

    Never heard of it. Is that the one with Cuba Gooding Jr. as the mentally deficient football trainer? ;)

  3. An old mod with some good MP5s was Swiss Special Forces By Darkgiver

    I agree, SSF is one of my fav's for older mods. Unfortunately it came out before IT did so no holster points.

    I look forward to Op. Stabalise very much, looks like a great mod!

    Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    I got nothing against mp5k's either, they just weren't what i was looking for at the moment.

  4. - Year of The Monkey (mod) is in Vietnam (they look like Chinese).

    Maybe someone else knows more ...

    So there is modification that has chinese skins? Where do I download it?

    NO. Just for the record Vietnamese people are not technically Chinese people. Just as Vietnam is not technically the same place as China. I think racial stereotyping is best to be avoided. Just my opinion. ;)

  5. I think tools such as pepper spray and collapsible baton's should be legal for all law-abiding adults in every country. Whether it has to be guns or not is debateable i guess. But people need to be able to defend themselves IMO. The police are usually only there for you to write up the police report, which doesn't help much when your'e being assaulted or mugged. I'm Canadian and here it's against the law to defend yourself. :thumbsup:<_<

  6. He is a loose cannon....took him to obedience school and we got kicked out. I love him though :thumbsup:

    Sounds like my purebred Chow. Haven't tried the obedience school cuz im afraid she would start a riot. :lol:

    What's a good image host by the by?

  7. The thing is, these jap import cars, they all pull the high Kilowattes when they are heavily modified. so, they could get the edge on the bigger cars.

    Do the eqivilent to a bigger car, and they would crap all over your ricey ricy.

    No matter what you do, larger engine capacity means more power,. whcih means more speed.

    Notice alot of these dudes jam 350 big blocks into there little rice mobiles.

    Y not buy the Chev that goes with it.

    (note, i have never lost a car argument, it is in my blood)

    Kilowatts? :huh: Isn't that an audio measurement?

    I don't know about that whole 350 big block scenario, a Supra w/twin turbo

    is basically a 4 cylinder car with huge horsepower. The power im assuming comes from the turbo not the size of the engine. (me not a mechanic so go easy please)

    So do you hate all things Asian or just their cars?

    Again i'll state that i like BOTH import('ricers') and domestic cars. The Viper for one is an awesome car IMO. I just can't help but noticeing that the import car makers seem to get more horsepower out of less engine compared to the domestic brands. Eg. A stock Subaru WRX will annihilate a stock Ford Mustang off the line. Subaru=4 cylinder+turbo. Mustang=V8. Of course the Subaru is AWD as well, but as they say that's the beauty of all wheel drive. ;)

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