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  1. Hey guys. I have a problem with the mod i've compiled (for personal use only). For some reason the crosshairs (the lines that cross over the whole screen) don't appear on any of the sniper rifles i'm using. The circle and the rets appear but nothing else. What am i doing wrong?

  2. It also sent me there a couple of days ago and thats because I had deleted my cookies and so I clicked on the part on that page where it says sign in using your Gamespy ID (Or something like that) and I re-entered my E-Mail address and my password and logged in and everythings back to normal. It will do that every time you delete your cookies just like it does here and a lot of other sites. :yawn:

    Thanks for the help. Now go have a nappy you look tired! ;)

  3. Your welcome. There are alot of newer mods out that are excellent as well. Check out the downloads page under Total Conversions or Equipment. The 22nd SAS is one of my favs as well as No Easy Day v.1.3 or Canadian Ops 2. Those are all compatible with Island Thunder.

  4. Alternatively do what i did and pay for the full download service, its not a lot when i consider how many times i use FP, and its nice to put something back rather than expecting "freebies" all the time... :thumbsup:

    I dont have to wait around either which is a bonus... :D

    Who are you giving back to by subscribing to Fileplanet? Not to the modders who actually make the mods that's for sure. <_<

    Hearing complaints about Fileplanet might be getting old but so is getting screwed over every other time I try to dl something from those idiots. Clicking on the dl links now brings me to some page about ign turbo downloads and gamespy and fileplanet....what it doesn't bring me to is the freaking download. :wall:

  5. My guess would be that this is an older mod that was made before IT came out. Therefore it is probably not compatible with IT which causes your game to crash. You could try playing it with just GR and DS enabled.

  6. Contracts comes out in march I think, and edios is already working on getting a movie. Gamespot had the news mid last year.


    A movie would be a must see, depending on who they got to play hitman

    Coolness. They should use Jason Statham (think that's his name). The guy from the movie The Transporter.

  7. (haha my sig is still running i dont think ive paid for that domain in like two years ... nice.)

    Hah, the sig you made for me still works too! :D Don't know where i'd be without it bud.

  8. @fish: what are your video card settings? You may want to turn off anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, that should help some. Also you might want to play at 800x600x16 resolution. Plus i highly recommend using Omega drivers for your Nvidia card, set to performance. You should notice a nice increase in fps with those drivers alone. Hope this helps you out. :thumbsup:

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