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  1. That looks terrific. Looks better than the Red Storm maps do.
  2. Hey guys. I have a problem with the mod i've compiled (for personal use only). For some reason the crosshairs (the lines that cross over the whole screen) don't appear on any of the sniper rifles i'm using. The circle and the rets appear but nothing else. What am i doing wrong?
  3. So what's up with Dennis Rodman and that pink gun anyways?
  4. Thanks for the help. Now go have a nappy you look tired!
  5. As long as you get that good all-over feeling from giving something back that's all that counts Mother Teresa...I mean Zebb.
  6. That's the same stupid page i get sent to all the time. I haven't figured out a solution yet unfortunately. Anyone?....
  7. Your welcome. There are alot of newer mods out that are excellent as well. Check out the downloads page under Total Conversions or Equipment. The 22nd SAS is one of my favs as well as No Easy Day v.1.3 or Canadian Ops 2. Those are all compatible with Island Thunder.
  8. Who are you giving back to by subscribing to Fileplanet? Not to the modders who actually make the mods that's for sure. Hearing complaints about Fileplanet might be getting old but so is getting screwed over every other time I try to dl something from those idiots. Clicking on the dl links now brings me to some page about ign turbo downloads and gamespy and fileplanet....what it doesn't bring me to is the freaking download.
  9. Sgt. Slaughter

    Kuma War

    Their is a public beta demo available for dl: http://gamershell.com/news_BKumaWarBPublic...BetaClien.shtml Anyone know if this game is any good yet?
  10. As far as I know you'll have to use one of the specialists to see the black urban uniforms.
  11. My guess would be that this is an older mod that was made before IT came out. Therefore it is probably not compatible with IT which causes your game to crash. You could try playing it with just GR and DS enabled.
  12. That sucks, I got alot of mod's at really fast dl speeds from that site. Sorry to see it go.
  13. He can kick some A and take names too. Damn skippy!
  14. cool. A movie would be a must see, depending on who they got to play hitman Coolness. They should use Jason Statham (think that's his name). The guy from the movie The Transporter.
  15. Sweet, they're adding co-op, good news! I'm one of like 15 people that actuallly own the game.
  16. Hah, the sig you made for me still works too! Don't know where i'd be without it bud.
  17. For me the best part was with Jack Black and Will Ferrel. The "You're boring" song was hilarious! They should let those two host the Oscar's next year.
  18. As stated before no one technique will work for every situation(including running away) because no two scenarios will be the same. I do agree the best defense is avoiding the situation if at all possible. Another little quote i like is: "When in doubt, choke him out".
  19. mmmmmmmmm tasty! Is that for GR or RVS or neither?
  20. Another good reason not to get hammered!
  21. @fish: what are your video card settings? You may want to turn off anti-aliasing and anisotropic filtering, that should help some. Also you might want to play at 800x600x16 resolution. Plus i highly recommend using Omega drivers for your Nvidia card, set to performance. You should notice a nice increase in fps with those drivers alone. Hope this helps you out.
  22. I use Ad-Aware and Spywareblaster. The latter prevents alot of spyware from being installed on your comp in the first place.
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