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  1. Very impressive! Just curious, what vid card was used for those screenies?
  2. Any chance this mod will be available from the atwar site again? This is the pop up i get every time i try to DL something off of that rainbowsix.org site: Der Download wurde von einer nicht authorisierten Seite verlinkt! The download was linked by an unauthorized page!
  3. You should use a downloading program such as Download Accelerator Plus, that allows you to resume downloads.
  4. You might want to check out the M16 Armoury by Chems.
  5. Sounds to me like it's the drugs that matter, not the music. How much does the music really matter after you've overdosed or blown your brains out with a 12 gauge?
  6. Suicide is the end result of serious depression. It's unfortunate he didn't seek help and turned to drugs instead. He was obviously a very talented musician but hasn't left a very positive example for kids to follow.
  7. Lookin forward to this and to the Eagle Claw campaign. Keep up the good work Sixpence and co.
  8. 1. You should post this under "Technical Support". 2. What's up with the giant letters dude?
  9. Stalker is an amazing looking game which i look forward to very much. I just hope it doesn't make my computer 'splode!
  10. Currently there is an XM8 available in the WOW v.3 mod.
  11. The old one was also called "Dawn of the Dead". I thought the new one rocked! The zombie's are definitely faster and more aggressive but it was still pretty cool. Personally i thought they shoulda stocked up on some m4's and m60's and cleaned house.
  12. Go to the Downloads section and look under Total Conversions, I beleive that's where it is.
  13. You should check out the "Real Alternative" player. Plays Realplayer movies without the highjacking.
  14. I think the 22nd SAS mod might have one. Possibly also the Swedish Forces mod.
  15. Cool missions for the most part. Any chance you'll make the next one a campaign?
  16. I hope Redstorm works with whatever engine they are comfortable with. But beyond the whole eye candy thing i think a realistic, interactive environment is very important to consider. Like in Desert Siege you can't shoot through the palm leaves on the trees for example. I like some of the physics i've seen in such games as Far Cry and Stalker. I also liked being able to shoot out lights in Splinter Cell. I think stuff like this is just as or more important than eye candy.
  17. I voted Opera. I like the "paste and go" option for your browser, the skins, and that you can translate languages easily.
  18. I may have put the reticle_misc.rsb file in from a mod, i'm not sure. If I replace it with the one that comes with GR will I get the crosshairs back? All i've used in general has been notepad for this mod. I don't have photoshop only paintshop pro and i don't think i have the plugin for rsb files. The thing is I want to keep the crosshairs in the game, not remove them.
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