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  1. Christian Bale, the star of Equilibrium. (Therefore it should kick butt!)
  2. Some people have either selective memory or none at all apparently, the prison map from SOAF is offered on GR.net. Prison Map by GrEEk_OuTcAsT A Level Mod by GrEEk_OuTcAsT Requires Ghost Recon Added on 6/1/2002 Weighs 6600 kilobytes 2245 clicks This is the Prison map from Sum of All Fears demo converted for use in GR. Unlike the other version, this one includes the command map, sky, and correct insertions for multiplayer.
  3. From Games Domain: "The Rainbow Six movie will be based on the covert missions of the multinational anti-terrorist team. The movie's plot has not yet been released but some familiar faces from other Tom Clancy based movies will be making an appearance. John Clark, the CIA lead for Rainbow Six will be played by Liev Schreiber. Mr. Schreiber appeared in the recent Clancy-based movie Sum of All Fears. Raymond Cruz will reprise has role of Ding Chavez. Mr. Cruz first appeared as Chavez in Clear and Present Danger."
  4. You must have ESPN or somethin!!
  5. Depending on the map i get an extra 10-20 FPS when i turn the tree-swaying off.
  6. One of the best comedies of all time: "Screwed" with Norm Macdonald and Dave Chapelle. Recently i thought the "Dawn of the Dead" remake was cool.
  7. I thought car salesmen were required to sell their souls to the devil?
  8. You're welcome Thumper, look forward to version 2. @the Slink: There is an M24sd in the No Easy Day mod.
  9. I don't think anyone who wasn't there has the right to criticize this guy's actions. The guy was obviously no coward. Personally if going against multiple armed opponents I think I would definitely use my weapon. But I wasn't there and don't know the whole story. I don't see why this has to turn into a Canada vs USA thing though.
  10. Thumper's 7.62 mm mod has some really nice sd rifle's as well.
  11. Never heard of the XRW mod but i think those weapons are available in the IDF mod.
  12. I don't wanna visit the part of the world where men are the majority of prostitutes.
  13. Yes and no. Kazaa Lite had no spyware but was shut down by Sharman(makers of orig. Kazaa). But there is a new version out now called Kazaa Lite Resurrection(no spyware). So you can pay for Kazaa from Sharman, or get the spyware version, or get the free one with no spyware. A no-brainer really. Also, Spywareblaster is a really good program because it prevents alot of spyware from ever getting installed on your computer in the first place.
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