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  1. I would suggest getting at least a trial version of a good Trojan removal program. My suggestion would be Anti-Trojan. For some reason NAV doesn't seem to catch everything especially trojans. I scanned my comp with NAV and it came up clean, used AT and it found a trojan file and deleted it for me. Good luck. You might also want to get Ad-aware, it's a free program that scans your computer for spyware and lets you delete it.
  2. These maps look amazing! They really raise the bar on map quality for GR IMO. Great job, and thank you to those responsible for these maps!
  3. Go into the textures folder and copy the "decal effects" numbers 1,4,5 and 6(rsb). Those are the blood effects files. Just overwrite the ones you want to replace. Hope that helps.
  4. Have you checked out the specialists? Just a thought.
  5. Has no one heard my plea? Seriously tho as for more info I really like the SAS gas mask characters and the Navy SEALs unis. I did say if "any-one" is willing i would appreciate the effort.
  6. Cool sigs you guys! If any of you would like to make one for me i'd really appreciate it. I go by Sgt. Slaughter or Sarge and my weapon of choice is an M4/M203. I'm also into martial arts if you're looking to do something a little different. Thanx in advance.
  7. Very cool. Nice to see the forums back and better than ever!
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