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  1. Hey ronin, Hotpants is referring to an earlier released map also called downtown, made by the Ausiguy. It's an urban setting with lots of glass windows to shoot out. As he stated it's cool but runs a little sluggish on most people's comps. You can find it under downloads in the New Levels section.(at the top is NMM's downtown, scroll down and you'll find one called simply "Downtown".
  2. @JTF: I hear ya man, monetary funds is the only thing keeping me from greatly expanding my game library as well. Good luck with the sofa hunt!
  3. I am my own restricted weapon!!!(tee hee) Plus I have a hardwood escrima stick("the crowd pleaser") and a mag-lite flashlight.
  4. I know mentioning this is not extremely helpful but there's an excellent suppressed M82 Barret in the Swiss Special Forces mod. It has a really cool sound effect as well, IMO.
  5. I couldn't agree more Stalker. I wish mission modders out there would make more missions for the modded maps available for GR. It gets a little old always playing on the stock GR maps. JTF-2 if at all possible do your self a favor and get Desert Siege and Island Thunder, they're worth it.
  6. Cool screenshots San! I noticed the martial arts pic section as well. Have you or do you train in any particular syles? I've trained in Hapkido and Tae Kwon Do personally.
  7. If i could make a suggestion you should use that CGT Snipe map, it's really well done and perfect for a sniper type mission. That map is calling out for a good single player mission imo.
  8. Well let me just say I think the weapons in your mod are awesome! I especially like the Diemaco's. So keep pluggin away you're doing a great job!
  9. No contest imo! Earl wins hands down over the originals. A vast improvement really, upgrade is a major understatement.
  10. Ok when you say real names you mean our proper names?? Sgt.Slaughter(real name:Jon Quiring) Rifleman, M4/M203 GL 2nd choice would be Sniper w/M21 or M25.
  11. A couple of very good points that i totally agree with. I prefer to train to be an all around martial artist. Not just a "one trick pony" as they say. I think to focus only on striking or only on grappling is a big mistake. Unfortunately some people get so caught up in their one and only style that they don't bother training to be an all-around fighter. Some arts are more comprehensive IMO and cover the bases a little better than others. But all arts offer something good and no style should be taken too lightly. There definitely are some TKD schools out there where the training is not up to par, but that is also true for any style. It depends alot on the instructors and how they teach and how qualified they are. TKD is pretty much taught as a sport these days as is Judo and many others. My primary focus in training is to be able to defend my self and people I care about. The excercise is merely a bonus and I don't do it to meet people and socialize. Nothing wrong with that but that seems to be the biggest goal for some. I find it really annoying when martial artists say they have no respect for this art or that art. That's just being close-minded IMO and ignorant. My preferred art is Hapkido because I feel it prepares a person very well for self defense situations. But I also enjoy learning things from many other arts that Hapkido may not offer. I don't beleive there is one perfect art out there. What I look for are techniques and concepts that I think are realistic and will work in a so-called real fight. Some of the stuff I like are: Russian Sambo, Modern Defendo, aiki jujitsu, Machado Brazillian Jujitsu, CDT(using non-lethal force to subdue) and so on. Also annoying are people who say stuff like "that kunf fu stuff is crap, or "martial arts don't work in REAL fight". But I think Rocky covered that pretty well already. Anyways I'll stop rambling now.
  12. I've studied Taekwondo and Hapkido for about 6 years. I've heard mixed reviews of Krav Maga. Good gun dis-arms, the rest looks mostly like knees and elbows. Never heard of Shao-Lin Do what is that style like?
  13. It sure is. And that's Russel Wong in the photo do I get any points for knowing that?
  14. Just had to say nice job Earl. Your weapons look awesome. Looking forward to the upgraded Russian weaps as well. Your Vympel mod is excellent as well. Will you be making a campaign for it eventually?
  15. Gahhhh, Hoooo! The wait was worth it let me tell ya. It looks awesome bud, thank you so much! You're very welcome for the compliment! It is an awesome sig thanx again.
  16. Nice lookin uni's ronin! Are you planning on making a skin mod or just for personal use?
  17. The Bourne Identity definitely rocked! Looking forward to Cradle to the Grave with Jet Li and Mark Dacascos and Kill Bill with Uma Thurman as some kinda saumurai ######-kicking chick. If you don't know who M. Dacascos is and you enjoy martial arts movies check out Brotherhood of the Wolf and Drive. The guy is amazing IMO.
  18. Both of those guns look great Streinger! Will they be a part of a mod you're working on?
  19. Yep, you type in "togglemovetrees" Without the quotes of course.
  20. BRM 2.0 has a patch out for it, so you'll need to dl that and it should fix your problem.
  21. Well that didn't come across too politely IMO. You came across more like a horses' ###### frankly.
  22. Ninja, not sure why you're quitting or why you say you wasted your time. I'm sure your modding efforts were appreciated by the majority(myself included). Seems there are a few GR modders calling it quits right now and that's to bad IMO. Of course you're under no obligation to mod for GR, but on my behalf please accept my thanks for your efforts and good luck with future endeavors.
  23. Will there be any single player missions with this mod? Unfortunately I don't play mp much.
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