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  1. I've got it and it looks really cool. I like they way the sniper sets up his bipod when going prone. Of course the game crashes and i have to restart my computer every time i get shot. Otherwise it's flawless!
  2. The game is due to arrive on shop shelves at the end of March, 2003.
  3. I use Diskeeper Home Edition and I would say it's the fastest defragger I've ever used. I don't know how Speed Disk got it's name cuz it's always been slooow for me. I also tried one called O&O Defrag, worked well but alot slower than diskeeper.
  4. Anybody know what's happening with Red Sun the follow up to Drag's Black Sun mod? Is it MIA or DOA?
  5. Well that sucks crap IMO! I was looking forward to this game but I almost never play multi. So if the single player aspect of this game blows then what's the point?
  6. I beleive that is correct. I found a site a while back that sold airsoft from Calgary I beleive. If I ever have the cash I'd love to get into this hobby. The guns are just too sweet! Hopefully they don't freak out on airsoft and "illegalize" it, but it wouldn't surprise me.
  7. "Freedom Fries"??!! This is the height of stupidity. Don't get me wrong I don't support France in any way but this is just rediculous. Do you really think France gives a shat what you call your fries? Am i the only person in the world left who is tired of this stupid crap?
  8. Very nice looking skins Sixpence. I'm looking forward to this mod. Will you include a campaign with it as well? I really liked your Army Rangers mod as well keep up the good work man.
  9. There is a map out based on a similar idea called Carribean Missile Crisis. Pretty hard mission but worth a look. The map is very detailed tho and slow to run on alot of pc's. Some details probably need to be turned down a little if you don't want it to chug along.
  10. Thanx for the suggestion Rocky...I have done just that. Hopefully the problem will be cleared up cuz I sure am enjoying the campaign.
  11. I love this mod but I'm up to mission number 5 in single player and it's crashing to desktop every time i try to start it. I can't pick my team or weapons. Is there gonna be a fix for this problem cuz i'd really like to continue the campaign.
  12. I like the first one better. Maybe you could darken the letters of "Dark Ranger", dark blue maybe? Just an idea. Definitely prefer the first one tho.
  13. I beleive that is a squirrel lol.
  14. In case you're interested there is a silenced PSG1 with camo in the following mod:TAW Weapons Power Pack Vol 1 - v1.05. Which can be found on the Downloads page under the Equipment section. Nightmare that SWAT skin looks great, lookin forward to this mod.
  15. I beleive you can also find that rifle in the All Out War mod, and it is a really nice gun.
  16. Sweetness!! Canadian Ops rules and it's not even out yet. Outstanding work Baja. As a fellow Canadian I will dl this mod with pride and extreme prejudice! Oh yeah those ERT skins are da bomb!
  17. I have to say I much prefer the "prettier" version. It's nice and smooth and the scope and suppressor are nicley rounded off. Any chance I could get my hands on a copy of your mod (sorry I can't figure out how to type your name properly).
  18. Very nice, me likey! Is that a .50 cal rifle, and will it have the knock-down effect of the m82 barret mod?
  19. Isn't Heinlein that Scientology cult leader/boob?
  20. That would be "Soldier" with Kurt Russel.
  21. Very nice pics. I'm a big fan of Nishi's mod and look forward to using it again.
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