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  1. I personally prefer playing with the TI turned off. That said, it is an option you can turn off in game and I think it should stay that way. I don't think beginners should be forced to play without it if their used to having it. My two cents.
  2. Hey Sixpence, i was having the same problem. Then I realised that you need more than 3 tank rounds for the mission, basically you gotta take at least 2 demo guys with AT. If one of em gets killed before you kill any tanks it's mission over again. I think the Ghost Rangers should have explained this better.
  3. Nice website...looking forward to Project X. Any rough estimate as to how big a mod it will be?
  4. Yeah buddy, i think neutron has played the dam map, he created the dam map! Dammit! Edit- Just havin some fun with the ole "dam" word no offense meant at all. It does actually feel like a large map when you're playing on it, i agree. The caribbean missile crisis was 800x800 if i remember correctly tho. Just pointing out the fact that CMC is actually twice as large as the Dam. Doesn't matter anyway, fo shizzle my nizzle!
  5. I beleive there is a bug in the game which causes this, the workaround is to turn off antialiasing. I agree the game rocks overall, just wish Ubi would pull their heads out of their collective @sses and fix the bugs and crappy fps issues.
  6. I was trying to come up with a name for GR for online play. I figured something military sounding would be appropriate, and remembered an old wrestler who used to call himself "Sgt. Slaughter".
  7. Does this mod come with missions or is it just weapons and/or skins?
  8. I use Pop-up Stopper, it's free and works quite well i'd say.
  9. If i ever have a file that won't delete i just erase it with Cyberscrub and reboot and it's gone. I don't know much about computers yet so that method is bloody easy.
  10. Men at Work?? I like U2, Linkin Park,Our Lady Peace,No Doubt and many many more.
  11. Thanks for the reply, glad to hear it!
  12. I agree those are awesome looking skins! I really like the tiger-stripe (?) pants and the boots he's got. Nice job man.
  13. Does the game have co-op multiplayer? Otherwise i'd be playing only sp, so is it worth getting?
  14. If you're as big a martial arts fan as I am you should check it out. It stars Russell Wong (Romeo Must Die) and is pretty cool IMO. It airs sunday nights on the WB. (Which I don't get so I'm left to dl it off of Kazaa if i'm lucky )
  15. Sgt. Slaughter


    Well why didn't you say so, it's obvious then the answer is...I still have no bloody clue what that's supposed to mean!! I've heard of the "Illuminati" before but it still doesn't mean anything to me.
  16. If you like racing games Pro Race Driver looks pretty cool. I enjoy RVS quite a bit and i mostly play single player but the game definitely has some "issues" ,for a lot of people anyways.
  17. Nice rifle man, what caliber is it? -edit- Just curious, I'm not a modder unfortunately.
  18. I vote for "grinding them to dust"! I think some people are just evil by nature and the only cure for them is a good case of "lead poisoning".
  19. People that aren't scared by really scary movies...well, they scare me!! Seriously tho i found that movie to be pretty intense, i don't think a movie needs to be really gory to be scary. Dreamcatcher on the other hand was so rediculously bad it was funny not scary. I think Stephen King has lost whatever gift he had for writing scary stories.
  20. Riot in Belgrade is a stand alone mission mod i beleive. SPR=Saving Pilot Ryan by Jack 57. Desparado(PfP) Sorry not familiar with that one. The missions on the Dam map were pretty cool as well but i agree that it'd be nice to see new missions made.
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