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  1. You can go here: http://www.gengamers.com/html/far_cry.html to see some screenshots from Far Cry which uses the Crytek engine. Looks pretty good IMO.
  2. I agree wholeheartedly. I don't think single player should be overlooked. I enjoy coop multiplayer but also play alot of SP.
  3. What kind of hint do you want exactly? I can view some pages just fine, others crash IE, only on this site, i don't know why. Ok i guess i'll check out Opera, thanks for the link Dannik. Thanks for the help Phantom.
  4. Just came from there actually. Installed 3 or 4 updates. Came here went to the General Mod Topics forum, clicked on the Afghanistan mod thread, page starts loading...IE crashes. Any other ideas, can anyone help me with this matter please? I'm lost.
  5. It seems when i go to a thread in any forum that has alot of pictures Internet Explorer crashes on me. It only seems to be happening on this site as well. I ran a virus check which came up clean. I'm on XP with a cable connection so i know my comp can handle the pic's. I've run ad-aware and spybot and don't have any spyware i know of. Anyone have any ideas? I'm also defragging now to see if that changes anything. But as i said it's only happening on this website.
  6. Not all SEALs die. Some become wrestler's and eventually governor's!
  7. I totally agree, that movie rocks! One of the coolest "zombie"-type movies i've ever seen. Was wicked violent and intense, didn't pull any punches.
  8. Yeah, uh, that's pretty crappy advice if you ask me. I didn't did I? Take it or leave it. And I don't think you have any right to bash people in this thread for their stance on it. I have every right to voice my opinion, even if it states that i think your advice is ######ty. I love how you right aways lable me as bashing people. Moderator edit for content.I now await my public crucification for my flagrant bashing of poor little Ruin. It's been a slice everybody! I'm sure banning me will reinforce your feelings of self-importance. Proud of you guys!
  9. Yeah, uh, that's pretty crappy advice if you ask me. I hear alot of people say they use Kazaa and such but don't share stuff. Well that just sucks cuz if everyone has that attitude then there's nothing to share and the programs are worthless. And i love the "holier than thou's" coming out of the woodwork saying they wouldn't be caught dead with such a program, or I have it but I only use it for yada, yada, yada. That's just pathetic, like having Kazaa is the equivalent of being a drug dealer or a computer terrorist. Oooh, im just shakin in my boots now, it's just all so scary! I'm pouring gasoline on my HD as i type this!!!!
  10. Any chance this mod will be on fileplanet soon? Fileshack seems to be a major pain in the a.. for me. The skins look awesome and I really like what he's done with the L96 sniper rifle. Nice work spider! -edit- Thanks Rocky that'll do nicely!
  11. Show me that thread. That thread occurred before Aggression was revamped so im guessing it's gone.
  12. In the SAS equipment mod I beleive only a few specialists had the winter camo. Hope that answers your question.
  13. Interesting point you bring up. You attribute the phrase "treat others as you would like to be treated" to human beings. In reality this moral code is Biblical and whether you beleive it or not comes from Jesus Christ: "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". IMO without "moral laws" which I beleive come from God everyone would be free to do as they please which would result in Anarchy and chaos. One person might be comfortable with cannabalism, another murder etc etc. Another thing to keep in mind is that "Religous" people going door to door may be annoying and bothersome but in their minds they are trying to tell people about salvation and keep them from damnation. I don't personally agree with most door to door types but in the end they ultimately can't "force" anyone to do anything. Plus since I opened my big mouth i would have to say that one of the things i find most annoying these days is political correctness, it tends to ###### me off.
  14. I wish they had made better models of the mp5 and mp5sd. Of course there are plenty of mods with better lookin ones. Hopefully Earl will take care of them in his future addition to the Standard Upgrade mod.
  15. What, no love for Kingpin? Sure it's a tad juvenile but I had a blast playing that game a few years ago. All you need is a sense of humour and maybe headphones so no one is offended by the language.
  16. Very nice. I like the Lindy Cohen one and the desert sniper. You must have a pretty good graphics card everything looks really nice and smooth. The "knock knock" wallpaper doesn't expand when you click on it however.
  17. Personally i think they should use the same engine that Ubi's using for their game Far Cry. I think it's called the Crytek engine or something like that. Looks like a pretty impressive engine and is capable of creating huge environments which is perfect for Ghost Recon.
  18. Ok, i saved this little guide from before the hack attack occurred. Credit for this guide goes to Nemon. Hope it helps! Ok since a few people have asked me how i managed to get 475fps (as shown here)(link removed) in GR i might post what i did. Based on Geforce Ti 4200 128MB. Get these 2 applications, www.guru3d.com RivaTuner www.pagehosting.co.uk/rf/ RefreshForce Im also using the latest NVidia drivers www.nvidia.com 40.41 //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // For fastest graphics in GR //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Ok start out by using refreshforce and follow the instructions to ensure you have uncapped the refresh rate limits, check in GR that you can exceed 60fps to make sure you are uncapped (stare at the sky and turn all settings low if you must), to view FPS in single player bring the console down and type: toggleshowframerate this will also make it visible in multiplayer game. Fire up RivaTuner, goto the DirectX setup tab as GhostRecon is a DirectX game wink.gif . VSync Tab: Turn VSync off, leave the prerender limit at 3 (you may want to experiment later with this number). Textures Tab: Turn Anisotropy degree to 0 (looks ugly but its fast), you may want to try 1. AntiAliasing Tab: Enable AntiAliasing, Method none, Force in all DirectX applications. Game Settings: 24bit ZBuffer, 800x600x32, High everything, Mipmap textures, All Shadows off. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // For best looking graphics based on a Geforce 4 //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Textures Tab: Set Anisotropy degree 8, Click the optimize button, Tick Stages 0, 2, 3 and set level anisotropy level to 0 (this cleans up blury lines in menus). AntiAliasing Tab: Enable AntiAliasing, Method 2x Quincunx, Force in all DirectX applications. Game Settings: 1024x768x32, Everything high, Shadows off, Mipmap textures. //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ // Additional tips //------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Never use shadows. On Geforce 2 type cards running at 800x600x32 might be best with level 1 Anisotropy. In single player and go into the first mission on bring the console down (numpad enter) type: togglemovetrees the trees will stop swaying and you get an instant (i was gonna say 10FPS but i just got a boost of 60FPS on first map) or more, on maps with more trees this could give BIG performance boost. Keep in mind this was posted on Sept.2002, that's why the driver's are out of date.
  19. That's a really nice looking rifle. There's one in the Sniper Armoury mod but then what rifle isn't in that mod?
  20. I would suggest: www.deviantart.com and www.themexp.org
  21. Stinger I don't know why you're leaving but it's too bad you are. There are jerks just about everywhere you go in life, it's usually best to ignore them or pop 'em in the face! Unfortunately it's impossible to beat the crap out of someone online. Hopefully you'll reconsider tho. Plus thanks for those links, i was indeed missing a dll file, problem solved.
  22. I beleive the one you're thinking of is called "Downtown", by Ausiguy. (Not NMM's Downtown).
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