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  1. Uh oh, dude, you totally took this wrong. I earned several awards previously, being on the Frostbite team as well as on the WOI team last year. I couldn't give a squat about an award for myself and I don't normally even mention it. If you recall I argued that YOTM shouldn't be on last years awards and that my name should be removed from where people had nominated me. Now,here's the meat: To tell you the truth, just to clarify, I think you're being an ass for spending a year on a map and getting people going on about it and not releasing it. If it's a good map, that's great, you're the boss, I just think it's crappy to keep leading people on, this is the same exact problem I have with Year of the Monkey right now. The maps have been done for at least a year, everything but the missions are done as well yet the team keeps dragging it on with no intentions of doing much to finish it. That's just more jerky to me than any post I have ever made to anyone. "Hey look at my new map/mod/model, too bad you won't be able to play it." No offense to you Deleyt, you've always had nothing but kind words to say to me, even when I was obviously in the wrong. You would obviously deserve the recognition for your map if you'd release it. A map like mine that took a mere 3 weeks to make and uses elements from other maps pales in comparison yet it's sad that you lead people on and won't finish the damned thing. Unless this is another Dynacomp/Resident Evil mod fiasco, that doesn't even work correctly in the first place and gets everyones hopes up for nothing. No offense to any of those guys, I know they had good intentions. Now I'm back to being the jerk again, damn. I guess i'll make an announcement about my new mod here then. I started a new map as I was finishing up the December map, I tried to make a hint about in my post about patching December. I will not be completing it. I posted no info so no one will ever have gotten their hopes up unless they got the hint. I think I'm done now. ← To give Deleyt due consideration, I understand how the requirements of life can lead one away from doing things you enjoy. Also how one would like to believe that by posting information ahead on something that he's working on would inspire him to complete it sooner, especially with the good feedback provided by the forums. Case in point, I developed a GR MOD Manager for the Mac platform and it was received fairly well. I then started with an GR Options manager program, that I was able to pound out the interface in a day (a year ago, see link below) and am now just starting up on it. On top of it all, look what's being done with a program that is years old! Unbelievable. My hat's off to all of you gentlemen! Now let's take one step back, take a deep breath and give him time to complete the damn thing! http://www.teknoziz.com/bigdog/
  2. Is there a way to get a copy of the second preview, Trainride City? None of the old links work. Sucha damn fine looking mod I wanted to show my buddies the previews and could only come up with the first one. Hope to see the real thing soon!
  3. Totally freakin' awesome, what nice work! It's amazing what still can be done with the Ghost Recon engine after all this time. Nice job!
  4. There are at least a couple maps where I swear they can either see us and shoot through walls or the AIs are invisible in COOP mode gameplay. Possible? Otherwise, it's a sterling piece of work. Thanks Harntrox!
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