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  1. I totally agree with this one... Though, I haven't destroyed a keyboard yet... All I have is a sniper at this point... Looks like I'll have to start this part over and get rid of the sniper and go a bit bit slower to save my team lives... I FINALLY cracked this mission last night, having spent 4 nights of gameplay trying to get from save point 4 to save point 5. The only way I was able to get through the embassy seige was to stay a mobile as possible after dropping the VIP into the blackhawk. After this I kept my sniper in the embassy ruins, and hot-footed it to the central monument with my (now heavily wounded SAW gunner) The monument gives you a hell of a lot of cover from any direction the bullets start flying from, and the very second a tank appears you need to call in the Apache (would be nice if they stuck around) and keep clearing each side of the monument the moment you get the incoming bullets warning. Horrible horrible mission. Very frustrating and almost a stopping point for me - see earlier post. John
  2. Don't lose heart. Take a really careful look at the sat view and find an approach that will either allow you angles on an MG nest or the ability to avoid it entirely on your way to an objective. You can often do that in GRAW; not every enemy has to be confronted head-on. If you backtrack a bit and work your way around, I seem to recall you can get an angle on the MGs. I vaguely recall taking out one of them from a corner with a frag without exposing myself to a frontal hail of bullets. Another could be sniped. I may even have avoided the third by finding a way quickly to cross a street some distance away and get past him. Think about where you need to go, not how many enemies you need to destroy. Thanks Bahger I'll give this another try tonight, if at first you don't succeed etc etc
  3. Well I'm just gettin frustrated now. I just can't get past the 4th save point. Its getting to the point where I'm going to give up and wait for a crack because I'm just getting bored now. I've figured out a way to nail the 2 MG emplacements, but the 3rd one at the end of the street ? nah - ain't happening. 3 nights of gameplay and no joy.
  4. I'll just add my weight to the excellent AI view. I'm fast discovering how to effectively use my team mates, the Cover command is excellent, and I must confess I do use team mates as bait against MG nests ! I think it really is a case of learning the traits and behaviour of the AI, and employing it effectively. Put it this way, I've been impressed more times than annoyed, and given what appauliing AI can be found in other titles (not just FPS titles) I think GRAW PC is taking a lot of unnecessary flak here.
  5. Well, having played this all weekend, I'm still loving it. There are things that I love, and things that on reflection are not actually that bad. I was initially a bit dissapointed with the manual and the documentation enclosed. I guess a bit of toilet reading about the weapons and strategies to use was a bit too much to ask... Performance wise I'm happy considering no major patch yet, and I'm having a fairly smooth and stutter free experience with all settings on medium and filtering on tri-linear. I've also got sound acceleration down to basic as I can't tell the blimmin difference anyway . The only noticeable slowdown is in the first 10 seconds of every mission, nothing to get shirty about. (My system is a 2.8 P4 D with a 6800GS PCI-E and 1024 DDR2) I absolutely love the graphics, the lack of AA is strange,sometimes its very noticeable, other times it isn't (particularly in Urban combat where much of the surrounding structures are vertical and don't require line smoothing so much) but again, isn't hampering my enjoyment. My AI squad is a mixed bag, sometimes they will do things that make me laugh out loud in amazement , sometimes they do things that have me awestruck. LAst night I peek around a corner in mission 3 VIP to catch site of a heavy MG nest, which instantly opens fire and nearly takes my head off. I'm wondering how the hell to deal with this thing as it is camped out at the bottom of an alleyway, when suddenly my Sniper walks up behind me, peeks around the same corner, and BLAM - target eliminated On a downer it has crashed twice and caused my PC to reeboot into safe mode which a game hasn't done for a long time :S, but above all this I'm having a blast with it, (nothing beats a well placed grenade in this game - especially when it sets a car alarm off to boot )
  6. Loving this mod, but how do I access the Urban uniform ? (Vest/mask/Mp5) I just seem to be kitted out in Woodland/Army gear regardless of what scenario I pick.
  7. I'd just like to add my input, my total experience of GR is only 1 week, but the 22ndSAS mod was one of the first ones I d'loaded, I love it, can't fault it in all honesty. thanks for an excellent mod
  8. F18? lol - ok I stand corrected ! Thanks for the links, I've downloaded the BrM2.0 Patch, and thanks for that link to The Platoon, Raptor
  9. Patched up and lovin every second of it Monty - the SAS mod is the biz m8! bl00dy brilliant. And I've fallen in love with the AW.50 what a lovely piece of kickass kit that is!! Right, some questionos 1. Voices - is there a mod to change from American voices to British? 2. can I download single player missions if so where from ? 3. My CD-rom takes a year to kick-in, much finger tapping waiting for GR 1.4 to start up, is there a Moderator edit, asking or discussions of that kind of stuff is expressly forbidden by forum rules. of some sort ? 4. Why does my Royal Marines 2.0 mod keep crashing me to desktop ? 5. erm, nah ###### it I'm off to play some more (halfway through 2n'd mission now, and btw laddies an F-18 is NOT a 2 seater y'know tut-tut Skii
  10. Ah - no probs - panic over I tried the download on a different PC and all was well Thanks anyway Nightcrawler
  11. Great stuff, As I'm limited to 56k dial-up I'm not sure if Multiplayer will be much of an option to me, (however I do have ADSL at work for all of those patches + mods) 100 + meg for Royal Marines !!! Thanks for all of the pointers chaps, duly downloaded and burned to CD ready for install tonight - Bit of a problem with the SAS mod Pyro-Monty the url doesn't like our works firewall so I'll need to try and download that some other way. Many thanks all Gonna be fun this
  12. How good is this game !!! ..the trees move... the wind howls.. I just shot a hummer's wheel and the truck sank down on its flat tyre!! Guys I am speechless, utterly gobsmacked - absolutely gorgeous - OK - so what do I do ? I have GR Version1.0 , so as I understand it I have to upgrade to Version 1.3 then 1.4 Then - mods - what mods ? (bearing in mind I'm a Brit with a fondness for our Royal Marines lol !)
  13. Thanx fellas Sounds good - I'm in I trust I can come here for guidance ? Skii
  14. Hello all, I spend most of my computer time playing Il2, however I really want a decent first person shooter with some strategy and tactics. I did have Rogue Spear but wasn't keen on the complicated pre-planning, aiming guns was done for me, and just didn't 'feel' like I'd burst off a clip of 9mm. I've seen the screenshots of Ghost Recon and I must say they are stunning, (particularly snipers in ghillie suits) and the prospect of lying in wait with a Barrett .50 sounds very nice So - should I suit up? Skii
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