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  1. you know i sit and play games like BF 1942 DC and FC and the likes. BUT i always come back to GR. After 5 years of playing i can honestly say that with a few changes i would be happy to play another 5 years. I get bored playing the same maps, maybe make it easier to mod maps, missions are easy enoough now. just add a few things, such as the ability for helos. This game still holds ALOT of peoples attention and if devs were to look around they would see that we(meaning GR HARDCORE GAMMERS) don't need a NEW GR but an uptodate one. JMHO
  2. I just got BF1942 the orignal and have DL'ed and installed DC and DC Final. do you guys play this at all?
  3. I have been using SPV4 and haveing alot of CTD. My kits don't match the other members of the clan. Anyone help me here
  4. That's great, gives ideas to help you out with out over doing it.........
  5. I guess that with all the clans out there it would be a tough choice on which one is for you. 1st thing i would look for is what type of caln you are looking for. Either a CO-OP or Team Vs Team. this will help to narrow down the list some. 2nd Follow the advice above, look at the clans site and get in some game time with them. Just My .02
  6. What i would do is look how he did it in the sandtable. That is the best way to learn to do something. Look how others did it and try it for yourself.
  7. BlkScorp

    Line From Hell

    You mean this isn't for the stripers???
  8. I totally agree, I am always formatting, I like the freeware version better the the entire programs
  9. When i move to PA i walk into a Mcdonalds and ask for a "pop". It took 3 employes and a manager to figure out that i want a "SODA"....
  10. 49% (Yankee). Barely into the Yankee category Well that explains alot...
  11. BlkScorp

    Bar Jokes

    More jokes for the bar, thanks.......
  12. To the first one.. Wow that's gonna leave a mark!
  13. @Jack you are correct in your assumption. I want to make sure that the platoon doesn't split.
  14. I set one block up that way and i it gave me my test message with just me on the map. DO i have to make a block for each zone?
  15. I was wondering if it is possible to set 2 zones and if a member of the palyer platoon is in both zones it would trigger a response. I am working on a map that i want the Players to be one unit and not split up and go there own way. Anti RUN AND GUN!!! Any help will be noted in the mission!!!
  16. I'll have to remember that one
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