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  1. Thx for the tourney. We specially loved Mi5 and Mi6 !
  2. MORDRED Looking for a second member ASAP (i'm a belgian, so an earopean second wingman would be perfect !) ASAP pls
  3. Teamname = Disarm Tm Members= Brutus.Dtm Mordred.Dtm
  4. Well this is great news, as long as RSE is involved its better than that they r not involved !! I LOVE RSE !! Mordred
  5. This is just ' über '- soft stupid. But they can have their stupid piracy system for my part of it turns out to be a run and gun game. GET IT INSIDE THOSE BRAINS.......... DELIVER A GOOD GAME AND IT WILL SELL !!!! DELIVER CRAP AND IT WILL GET COPIED EVEN MORE !!!! Why invest in a game that you're only partial interested in, to game 3hours??? I'd RE-BUY GR in a heartbeat !!!! if u r addicted to a game , you buy it its as simple as that. I even bought GRAW, go figure Why cant they make it simple like this: "you buy it, you phone or mail a nr , they check your code, the store where u bought it and you get on a list and log in the game with your email adress or whatever or they provide u a key or whatever , but LEAVE GAMERS THE ###### ALONE when they wanna game" We're NOT waiting to be dropped outta the game cause of a server fault right in the middle of a COOP MATCH or TOURNEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grtz -M-
  6. I wanna see: - NO-linear gameplay - GREAT COOP MODE - GOOD modding tool , letting modders do guns, maps,missions.... - Great graphics - NO ARCADE gaming, but stealthy like old GR when the need is there - LOTS and LOTS of different weapons, also SD versions. - Great sounds and weather effects. Mordred oh yeah and !!!!!!! an SR25 SD Version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. don't give us 10 weapons, give us a 100!!!!!! i hate the crappy choice of GRAW, always the same. Im a sniper, i would love these versions with and without silencer. m24,sr25,svd and a LOT and a LOT more, but dont forget the SR25!!!!! Grtz -M-
  8. Pfff , u have a second life for me with some spare time Im very busy these days with photography, family etc etc etc i dont see time to mod if i ever wanna play gr4 too How bout a position in your GR4-team? -M-
  9. LETS GAME my little SPYRO !!!! -M- ps: if gr4 turns out great game, we (approx 3veteran coop players) will be available as bounty hunters or if u got a great fun clan, let us know.
  10. They didnt? Can u IP direct connect without Gamespy in GRAW ?? damn me -M-
  11. yes it can with a poor,poor coop play !!! and even worse....... GAMESPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us back IP server connection like in good old GR !! and coop play with 6guys teams or 9 and a damn good modable server setting,maps,scripting etc etc Mordred
  12. i just installed graw on a new system running vista64bit. I got the same problem, and i cant 'scroll' with the mouse neither!!! Everything was a-okay with xp though.......... what r u running?? Vista 64bit?? Gonna patch it up till latest patch and try again. -Mordred-
  13. Sometimes i got ######ed up graphs after v1.02 too, all triangles and stuff. Havent tried that dynamic shadows yet.... Running 7900gtx and nvdia 94.24 -M-
  14. whats this pish..........are there only 3coop maps?? where r the coop custom options??? djeez dont tell me they ######ed this one up for coop AGAIN !!! -M-
  15. im impressed!!! if this title turns to be modable , we're in for a GR2 !!!!! good job so far -M-
  16. If a classicer like Deleyt ( a very talented guy imho) doesnt pull it through, it has to be very non-user-friendly. -M-
  17. so will there be ANY mission type editor or igor thing?? i guess not............ does the community have to mod to make a mission?? i guess so.............. thats a HUGE shame i think. dont tell me talented people at grin cant make a simple editor for the fan base..... -M- edit: If coop play turns out like it was in graw 1, im definatley gonna close the book on ghostrecon.net !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and to say i spent months, years here............its sad. If you guys cant do it, (or dont wanna do it), i guess we better look out for other and better, maybe BFS is an option within 1-2years, who knows.............. I WA NT: * DIRECT IP HOSTING * FF, RECON, MISSIONS, TOURNAMENTS, DAMN GOOD COOP OPTIONS, NO KIDDY STUFF. and why do i want it??? CAUSE I BLOODY PAY FOR IT !!! -M-
  18. As the pc world is rapidly changing into dual and quad cores, is grw2 optimized for it?? Are we eventually gonna see a truely optimized dual or multiple core game?? Selling cpus is one thing, programming for them another......... To me it seems useless if we dont get to see real multi core software or games........... merchandising crap otherwise -M-
  19. Same here, i hate it when the coop community gets forgetten !!!!! these titles are not worthy to carry anything remotely pointing towards the original GR, GR was GREAT , graw sucks big time. 6 years gameplay vs 6 weeks of gameplay !!! Where r the real programmers gone too?? I SO long to the old GR feeling again, installing the game and just going " WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" "Did u see those trees move???" " WOOOOOOOOOOW" I never had a "WOOOOOOOOW" let stand a little " wow" with GRAW, sad but true, NO coop play ######ed up GRAW, GAMESPY ######ed up graw, no direct ip ######ed up graw ......... How much fun is it to be online for 2 ######ing hours and game 25minutes of GRAW !!!!! ?????????? connection problems, re-start problems, server problems, waiting, waiting,waiting GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR -M-
  20. GRaw definately AINT run and gun, dont play on noob level......... You'll be death b4 u can reload, and dont go taken respawns.. -M-
  21. Demo first and a GOOD demo, no laggy crappy gameplay and more like GR than i MIGHT buy it, but i doubt it !!! If they dont change it a LOT (gameplay, graphics are good but slow) itd deadborn already -M-
  22. I do HOPE they LOWER the specs, it aint normal to ask people to live up to such high specs. -M-
  23. So what are the min requirements? same as GRAW? Will it still run like 'crap' on a high end machine? Does it utilise dx10 or dx9 or both? Cause I for one ARENT gonna bother upgrading anymore -M-
  24. i'll take my chances for ArmA they are way bigger than GRAW has ever given me. And if u think its gonna be bf3, than dont play it, keep playing a 'dead man walking' than, i dont mind. And for the info: a double setup of 6800gt doesnt mean anything it doesnt even beat a 7900gt card. Or you shoul dbe talking about another SLI setup for graw. Im running 7900gtx 512mb, 4400x2,2gig on a res of 1680x1050 and gameplay is 'kinda' fluid, but not all the time...........go wonder, you cant make people buy 1000€ on gpus!!! to play a game that costs 50€ and turns out to be total crap. Man i'd give alot for that 'gr1 feel' -outta-box . -M-
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