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  1. Thx for the tourney. We specially loved Mi5 and Mi6 !
  2. MORDRED Looking for a second member ASAP (i'm a belgian, so an earopean second wingman would be perfect !) ASAP pls
  3. Teamname = Disarm Tm Members= Brutus.Dtm Mordred.Dtm
  4. Well this is great news, as long as RSE is involved its better than that they r not involved !! I LOVE RSE !! Mordred
  5. This is just ' über '- soft stupid. But they can have their stupid piracy system for my part of it turns out to be a run and gun game. GET IT INSIDE THOSE BRAINS.......... DELIVER A GOOD GAME AND IT WILL SELL !!!! DELIVER CRAP AND IT WILL GET COPIED EVEN MORE !!!! Why invest in a game that you're only partial interested in, to game 3hours??? I'd RE-BUY GR in a heartbeat !!!! if u r addicted to a game , you buy it its as simple as that. I even bought GRAW, go figure Why cant they make it simple like this: "you buy it, you phone or mail a nr , they check your code, the store where u bought it and you get on a list and log in the game with your email adress or whatever or they provide u a key or whatever , but LEAVE GAMERS THE ###### ALONE when they wanna game" We're NOT waiting to be dropped outta the game cause of a server fault right in the middle of a COOP MATCH or TOURNEY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grtz -M-
  6. I wanna see: - NO-linear gameplay - GREAT COOP MODE - GOOD modding tool , letting modders do guns, maps,missions.... - Great graphics - NO ARCADE gaming, but stealthy like old GR when the need is there - LOTS and LOTS of different weapons, also SD versions. - Great sounds and weather effects. Mordred oh yeah and !!!!!!! an SR25 SD Version !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. don't give us 10 weapons, give us a 100!!!!!! i hate the crappy choice of GRAW, always the same. Im a sniper, i would love these versions with and without silencer. m24,sr25,svd and a LOT and a LOT more, but dont forget the SR25!!!!! Grtz -M-
  8. Pfff , u have a second life for me with some spare time Im very busy these days with photography, family etc etc etc i dont see time to mod if i ever wanna play gr4 too How bout a position in your GR4-team? -M-
  9. LETS GAME my little SPYRO !!!! -M- ps: if gr4 turns out great game, we (approx 3veteran coop players) will be available as bounty hunters or if u got a great fun clan, let us know.
  10. They didnt? Can u IP direct connect without Gamespy in GRAW ?? damn me -M-
  11. yes it can with a poor,poor coop play !!! and even worse....... GAMESPY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give us back IP server connection like in good old GR !! and coop play with 6guys teams or 9 and a damn good modable server setting,maps,scripting etc etc Mordred
  12. i just installed graw on a new system running vista64bit. I got the same problem, and i cant 'scroll' with the mouse neither!!! Everything was a-okay with xp though.......... what r u running?? Vista 64bit?? Gonna patch it up till latest patch and try again. -Mordred-
  13. Sometimes i got ######ed up graphs after v1.02 too, all triangles and stuff. Havent tried that dynamic shadows yet.... Running 7900gtx and nvdia 94.24 -M-
  14. whats this pish..........are there only 3coop maps?? where r the coop custom options??? djeez dont tell me they ######ed this one up for coop AGAIN !!! -M-
  15. im impressed!!! if this title turns to be modable , we're in for a GR2 !!!!! good job so far -M-
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