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  1. Thanks to the both of you, had a look at C03 on Island Thunder on the High Sierra map, and found out that it doesnt like doing escort when you have a RPG only kit assigned, i tried a diff kit and it worked straight away, so added a cigarette to the kit as secondaryb weapon and hey presato it worked, thnaks for your help guys, helped me figure it out no end.
  2. Sorry if this sounds like a really dumb question, but how do i get 2 NPC;s to follow the Player platoon around the map WITHOUT setting them to Hostage or Captive behaviour. The reson being that the players have to rescue a trapped news crew and i've had a model of a film camera done and tagged as a Rocket Laumncher so its carried on the shoulder and i want him to carry it round the map. If i set theNPC to Hostage or captive then he puts the weapon away (bit pointless getting the model done then really) One way i've tried is setting the Reporter to Hostage Behaviour then assigning a follow plan to the Cameramans team to follow the Reporter, but no joy, any ideas from you folks out there?? Cheers
  3. If anyone is still interested i'm gonna have a go at trying to finish this mod off over Xmas, i've thought long and hard about this mod and have decided that i have put too much time into this mod just to let ot drop. So as of this morning GR went back on the PC and i'm suddenly staring blankly at IGOR going how the ###### does this work again lol (no change there then) Basically the state of the mod is missiosn 1-4 are done with a few tweaks to mission 4 required, missions 5 and 6 have the bones of the script there ie objectives, triggers cinematics etc so just need to script the OpFor in both missions and play test, all kits, specialists etc are all done as well, just needs a bit of spit and polish. will keep people posted on progress. Thanks for the support messages folks, and thnaks for getting me back on this project again. Reiver
  4. Just an update on the progress of the mod, for various reasons i havn't got as much done lately as i'd like to, but all i have left to do on the mod now is finish the scripting on the last two missions, all the kits are done, skins and weapons are all in now, just need to finish scripting thought i'd post a few progress piccies to show a few of the things in the mod: Player Characters re-skinned by Jay316. My first Skinning attempt(please don't laugh ) Two of the campaign specialists, one armed with a CAR-15(by Jay316) and the other with a Remington pump action shotgun (from Blakarion) A new thing for the mod, destroyed vehicles the players can interact with and use for cover. Cheers Blakarion Same trucks after players open doors, bonnet cover and tailgate to lie down or stand behind I'm down at Blakarions this weekend for a drink filles LAN weekend so will give the finished missions a blast on multi player, if everythings OK i'll try and get the last two missions done by the end of May at the very latest (how many times have i said that now Lol) Hope you like it guys and i'll keep some more updates coming. Reiver
  5. i think the command should have been Increment counter, not set counter, ie at start of game, set counter "XXX to 0", then after the team is killed, "Increment counter XXX", after each tank is killed again "Increment Counter XXX" once it hits a certain value the continue if counter XXX = 4 block will kick in, nit easier as it allows you to destroy things in any order. HTH
  6. Thanks for the all messages guys, the truth is due to my diabetes i lost the sight in my left eye over xmas, and then 3 weeks ago lost the right eye as well, the vision in the right is returning well, and i had on operation on the left eye last week, so fingers crossed and all being well i should be back on the Mod after easter. Big thnaks to kind wirds from Balakarion and Gowex, i'll speak to yoi both soon, and Jay i'll talk to you soon about that model matey. cjeers folks!!
  7. cheers for the help gents, i've tried using the above but ncan't gte em to work at all so i'm using general_effect11 which is a blood spatter but gives the best results from what i've tried so far, i'll post some piccies up when i get the strafeing run finished, 106 effects, 53 sound files, all to activate inside 4 seconds BORING (but it'll look nice when its done)
  8. i'm trying to use one of Chems's AH-6 Littlebirds to try and script a strafeing run by one of them. Just want the heli to fly ina straight line and activate a string of effects just in front of it as it moves along, easy enough to script, hust very time consuming, what i need is suitable effect to simulate the bullets hitting the floor, i've looked down the effects pinned at the top but either none seem suitable or i can't get them to work, anyone know of a "bullet hitting ground type effect" i could use. TIA Reiver
  9. or to be really clever you could name a group LEGIT with a time elapsed trigger of 1 second and then to execute plan team, then have ALL three of the above triggers set with the response to Activate Group "LEGIT" that way if any of the players do any of the three your covered.
  10. @4ceReconSniper Thanks for the advice matey but map wise i'm gonna stick with what i've got for now, the mod is pushing 300mb now and another map will push it up even further. plus , as i've mentioned earlier in this thread i'm not trying to re-create actual events that happenened, just using a variation on a theme if you like. I thought about doing it re-creating actualevents but decided against it in the end. @WP33 Hopefully fingers crossed, will be ready for release jan/feb next year, i've taken a week or two off the mod at the mo as it was getting a bit much for me, being my first mod i think i bit off a bit more than i could chew, so i'm going to start work on it again next week, currently aiming at a 6 mission campaign, 1,2 & 3 are done bar some tweaking, currently working on mission four, and the scripting and end of campaign cinematic are done on mission 6, just needs OpFor in, so really its about two thirds done, i'm just very slow with scripting as Igor don't do what i want it to do @lexsis No i didn't change the cars, that would be somethiong to do with modelling which i know less than noting about, i just took the rsb file and muddied them up a bit and stuck some bullet holes and stuff on em all (sounds like a friday night here in Boro lol) thanks for the comments guys, i really appreciate it at this time
  11. The easiest way would be to use the deathplatoonmember trigger so that say the 25 man base defence is the platoon, once the players killed one of them you would then use the executeplanteam command to have your 5 man team leg it. might be best to include the movementROE command in the plan and set it to At all costs so they leg it without getting caught up in the firefight. HTH
  12. Please accept my apologies Chems, i wasn't trying to pass off your work as Blakarion's, or anyone else's either, I was just answering the question about whether there would be littlebirds in the mod or not, and thought i'd take the opportunity to mention some of the other models in there as well. The last thing i want to do for my first mod is pass off someone else's work as either my own or someone completely different, and if it came across that way then i can only sincerely apologise. When the mod is done there will be plenty of credit due to a whole bunch of people, yourself included, who have helped this new modder get this mod out and have made a big difference to how it looks and plays. i hope you can accept my apologies
  13. Quick update for people, have just finished my first attempt at an intro movie for the mod, just over a minute long and a whopping 33 meg, but hey the mods pushing 300 meg now so an extra 30 ain't gonna make that much difference, if anyone would like to take alook and leave any commenst then please by all means, all constructive criticism, good or bad is gratefully recieved. Reiver Right click, then select save as Intro Movie Download
  14. In theory yes, the "continue if" response has an "Actor Wounded" string. so you could have the trigger as "Time elapsed" 1 second or "player controlled actor fired" (both with block preserve on so they do it every time eacj trigger fires) so for a specific actor, everytime he was wounded you could award a point, although too many wounds or a head shot and it would kill him.
  15. Thanks bud, thats the settings i was using but can't get it to work. I can use the movie as the intro bit on the mod so i know the settings are fine, but wnat to use it at the end of mission 5 to set the scene for mission 6, have tried using the SetEndGameMovie" command like it does in m02 and m13 of Original GR but itjust ain't setting off, might have to resort to doing a cinematic instead. cheers matey
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