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  1. Yeah man, still doing it, but just wayy to busy these days.. Might have missed your missed or forgot about it after reading it, if so, can ya repost it?
  2. Just wanted to add, that The Undertaker of SRS is now added as a TRC representetive, which is a strong addition to TRC, aswell as strenghtening the corporation between TRC and ACC. Good to have you on the team UT
  3. Ahh okay Rocky, that explains it I just wanted to add the GRnet news info on our site, with a link to the discussion on GRnet, or the news, with a GRnet banner or something. As it is now, it´s a bit too empty, so I´ll post the news from GRnet on our site as normal instead
  4. Hummm... The news seems to be a bit empty in a way, no descriptive comments or something or it´s simply not working right?
  5. LOL And I even did a search for it before I made a thread
  6. Sup all... Just wondering if GRnet was running some kind of XML/RSS feeds syndication, especially in regards to your headline sections on the frontpage?
  7. Ghost Recon Ghost Recon DS Ghost Recon IT Haven´t really had a game that I wanted to play before I got a copy of GR, thought it was awesome and bought the gold edition. Also some kid games for my son called "Pixeline"
  8. "Don´t hold it back, tell us how you really feel dude", I don´t think you´d ever had to use that phrase on this guy Cool song though, one can really tell it comes from the heart
  9. 8/10 I like the theme on the sig, fitting to the name, and the sig itself is well made.
  10. You might have heard this before, but he´s freaking halairous Scottish song
  11. I just want an updated version of GR1, all the other fancy crap they can keep
  12. Well, to get a mod like that, You can either apply for joining ACC at SRS forums, or talk to the boys from the Review Committee, and see if Your crew could be represented there. Both groups have their own mods. The ACC one is pretty good, made by Ruggbutt but only works on standard GR as I´m told, the RC mod works with several addons packs and have some additional features. The easiest and fastest way to get this type of mod, would be to apply for joining ACC I think ang get a copy of Rugg´s mod.
  13. You boys did an awesome job Del, that mod is da BOMB!
  14. Down boy, DOWN! Am I the only one getting a hardon? It´s gonna be soooo sweet, new toys, new fresh green peeps to kill AWESOME!
  15. Our pleasure... The RC didn´t do much in this case though, other than confirming that if the cheater had been confirmed on ACC, we had little or no reason to recheck it, especially since many RC members are also members of ACC, so atleast one of us will have checked the replays on ACC
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