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  1. I don't think this is something that was made to be practical. It's one of those things thats made because it can be and it looks cool to have. I use a savage pistol in 7mm-08 for deer and woodchuck hunting it works great and is lightweight. I can consistentaly hit woodchucks and deer to 250 yds. My average 100 yd 3 shot group is 1.56 inches. Did i mention it has a scope and bipod.
  2. The machine gun is definitely a MG3 in 7.62x51. The 8mm was phased out years ago in every country accept the former Yugoslavia. I was stationed there with the U.S. Army in 1996 and we confiscated some dragnov based sniper rifles in 8mm. They also used it in versions of the pkm.
  3. The FBI's role in a theatre of war is pretty new. They probably have been used before but in a more limited role. The Army's Military police can conduct some forensic work but their experience is quite limited. The FBI are the real experts in that area.
  4. A 9mm is .354 and a .40 is 10.16mm a .45 is 11.43mm. Unfortunately bullets are classified based on diameter. A .357 magnum is way more powerful than a 9mm but a .357 auto is closer to a 9mm Parabellum. It has alot to due with case dimensions and powder load.
  5. I served in Bosnia with 1st Armored Division, 2-68 Armor in Olovo, Bosnia in 1996. My take on it was that when Bosnia and Croatia decided to seperate they wanted territory that had a large Serbian population. No wonder the Serbs fought so viciously, hell I would if New Jersey wanted to break from the US and annex New York state also because there were a few New Jersey peeps living there.(lol) Hey, ###### happens in war massacres are apart of it. No country is perfect but I agree that those directly responsible for massacring civilians should be punished. The Balkans will always be a hot area. It is where the three civilizations meet (Christianity, Islam, Orthodoxy).. As for the war with Iraq, I believe we did the right thing. He may not have been a direct threat but he was a thorn in our side that had to be dealt with. Kinda like the chechens. I just cant wait until the west transitions to Fuel Cells and other alternatives to oil.. The middle east and other oil producing countries will have it rough then. They might have to work for a living instead of funding terrorism or maybe they will all become suicide bombers and have a big suicide party in mecca.
  6. lol, I have seen some of them gun pics before on other sights. Also SOTO MAC that collections nice. G3A3 you got auto weapons license? Or is it HK 91A3? PSG1 damn you got money to waste about $10,000 for the collection.
  7. The FBI in Iraq is there to assist in tracking down the terrorists and trianing Iraqi police in forensic investigation. The FBI's experience in examining crime scenes, bomb damage etc is way better than the militaries.
  8. People should just wait and see. Rather than getting up in arms. GR2 was delayed for a specific reason that doesnt have anything to do with xbox. When you see why you will be surprised and delighted but wish they could have done it faster. I won't give you more details but one suggestion that I got from a buddy that works for nvidia. Be prepared to shell out some money to get the full effects included in the improved but delayed GR2. Say 64 bit something and NV40 something or Rxxx something that runs something like DX 9.1. You may see it first on xbox but they wont get what PC users will.
  9. Those are not the color changing ones and the rifle isnt electromagnetic. Electromagnetic rail guns arent as far off as you may think. Unfortunately the first to get them will be the navy. The new destroyer will most likely have them instead of the currently planned United Defense 5 in guns.
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