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  1. Played the mission. Pretty good. On Elite with 4 riflemen and 2 Demos: 1st try: Mission failed. All men KIA 2nd try: Mission complete. 2 casualties, 0 wounded 3rd try: Mission accomplished. 1 casualty, 1 wounded. Towards the middle-ish part (I'm not going to give anything away) during the long drive, its sort of annoying to have to stop every 4 feet or so to scan for tengos on the horizon. Best time to completion (after 3 tries): approx. 35 minutes This maps a blast with the Ares Shrike weapon mod. --Harrm
  2. A short strategy guide on using heavy weapons: You are right in one aspect of your thinking. But I think you are focusing on just one part of miltary strategy a little too much. If you read any war book or tactical strategy guide, or just about anything for tips on war, you nab this little bit of info: "More troops that are better, stronger, and more well-equipped than your enemy will generally win." The way the US military incorperates this is by balancing their squads, dividing up the Anti-tank, anti-air, anti-personel, etc. men across the board. The perticular use of Machineguns (or other antipersonel weapons) is more than just keeping the enemys heads down. One of their miain purpose, and the purpose of just about any other non-silences weapon, is to induce panic and disorder. Also, although machineguns are inaccurate, they are designed to lay out enough firepower force and bulletcount to down an enemy quickly. The trick to deploying heavy weapons is finding a good place to poisition them. On the one hand, you want them to cover the entire squad, and on the other you dont want to expose it to much fire. You could place it on a high-up ledge, and have the soldier lean over the edge, but then he is prime target for rifle or sniper fire. In fact, the best way I have found to use heavy weapons units, is to find the highest point on whatever map you may be playing, and facing downhill on that point, shooting at anyone coming up. This way, you effectively cover the entire squad from sniperfire, and refuse to give the enemy an advantage. As for your predicament, the only reason having a support would be of use is if you attacking an objective, say a house, with enemy units bunkered inside. In the one hand, you would consider 'nade spamming, but in most tournaments, this is not allowed. Hell, in most tournaments, grenades are illegal. If you do not have access to this weapon, the other option is to get behind a bush with your heavy weapons and blaze away. The main reason to use heavy weapons is that you KNOW your enemy is dug in and looking for you. By staying far, far away and peppering the house with your huge ammo capacity, you allow the more accurate riflemen with shorter-range weapons to move in. Once you cease fire, the enemy generally pops up to see why. At which point, hopefully your riflemen can pop him. You can continue long-range, inaccurate fire, and the effect will be the same as a sniper rifle or any long-range weapon. The enemy will be forced to keep their heads down or risk being targeted and brought down by random bullets. The confusion of being holed up inside a house, prone, looking at nothing but the doorway is just like real-world panic. Armchair generals call this "lockup," and is possibly the most exploited rule of tactical combat. To put it all together, this all means that support weapons are great if your team has no grenades, because the amount of firepower they lay down, and the fact that you can shoot with them nonstop is helpful, and a competent team will use the ability to cut off approach avenues to set up ambushes and flanking maneuvers. Yeah, I know it was long. Its been a long night. Sue me...or rather dont. --Harrm
  3. Military duty: 7.62 bolt action. Accuracy. Civillian control duty: Any 5.56 (or 7.62 if they'll allow it) semiauto will do fine, since they tend not to be firing back at you. People argue with me, but in the right circumstances, the Steyer Aug would make an excellent sniper support rifle. --Harrm
  4. Hey, can I sort of put this out there? I like the way this community is close-knit, and not spread out across half-a-dozen forums. I appreciate your help guys, and the welcomes are quite well recieved. Also, I get to talk to the people who made the mods for GR I have wasted so, so many hours on. I swear, its like talking to celebrities. Only not. I think. Is it possible to code in repelling ropes, or is the system too static for that? Also, can I do it in Igor, or do I have to go through hell trying to decode and extract everything? --Harrm
  5. My machine will run the Mini at full blast all the time with no slowdown. This is excusable, since I have a fairly good system, even though its 2 years old. The mini is one of those weapons that seem "like a good idea at the time" but in practise, really starts to fall apart. For one thing, its inaccurate as hell, and hard it hit anything before you're right on top of them, which is okay in singleplayer, but ineffective at best in multiplayer. Also, its a tad unrealistic in comparison. Theres a reason the Vulcan was mounted only in jets and on helicoptors: the weight, combined with the recoil was impossible for one man to hold. A mounted option was made for the army, but was ultimately ditched in favor of the .50cal, which is a better all-around weapon. I have a pic of three vulcans on one mount around here somewhere... In any case, the mod can be found in the downloads section in "weapons." The name of the file is "Jn_armoury_minigun". Happy hunting. Oh yeah, and you may have noticed I'm a bit of a know-it-all when it comes to guns. Oh the things I could tell you... --Harrm
  6. In a blatantly false effort to avoid making this yet another "hi!" post, I obviously decided to cover it up with flashy 4-syllable words and An extravagant overuse of capitalization. LIKE THIS!!! In order to further clarify myself, I will now be misspelling words regularly. Leike tihs! In any case, the name is Harrm. Thats not a misspelling. Seriously. The extra "r" is intentional. Many of you probably have not heard of you, but some may have (although I doubt it unless you happen to live in northeast US, and are an diehard GR fan), because of my tournament record. I have been playing GR since it came out, own all expansions, yadda yadda yadda, you get the point. I have logged in over 1100 games and 2800 confirmed kills, with an average accuracy of 11.4%. I'm a support guy. Sue me. In any case, I was looking around, and I haven't found a very good Mogidishu campaign out there, and I was looking to see if there was any demand for it? I am an experienced modeler (mostly in Milkshape 3D, although I will soon own 3DsMAX soon), and a beginner at texturing (I just got Photoshop 7 and Paint Shop Pro 8). In any case, I look forward to being apart of this forum, and hopefully blowing some sh...err...crap up along the way. PS- Army rules. --Harrm
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