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  1. Live and die by the "zoom" key. Also, when in doubt, throw a 'nade. --Harrm
  2. No. File sharing itself is not illegal. Sending and transmitting copyrighted meterial, however, is. The only non-illegal way to get a game from the internet is to download it from a certified client (such as a newsgroup via IRC) and "donate" (pay) for a CDkey or the rights to own the game. This is pretty rare, and most companies wont let you do it (they prefer you buy it in the stores, its a supply and demand thing). Props to Running with Scissors for being the first company to legalize this. If you want more help, I suggest tracking down the .pdf in your GR directory. Welcome to the maddness....err....community! --Harrm
  3. I live in the US, in a little town called "New Britain". The local highschool school is over 3,000 kids large, and we can barely cope with the population overload. If you want to talk about unruly, let us take a look at the academic and behavioral performance of our school: On average, there are aboue 1.2 fights today, about 90% of which end in arrests. New Britain has had gang control problems since the late 1990s, and those problems still have not been rectified. Money was found to have been robbed from the budget by our govoner. The school can barely stay in control, even with 6 guards and 2 police officers on duty at all times. The school is seriously understaffed, and are emplying new teachers with less experience in teaching, let alone in such a high-tension enviroment. A child of the age of 16 had his head bashed in for saying (I quote) "Get out of my way." Yeah, I dont think the military would have a very profound effect on the school. I'm thinking about petitioning to have the state start up an SS squad to keep these kids in line... Look, even If our school is the exception, not the rule, that doesnt change the fact that overseas, the problem will just never be as bad as it is over here. We have kids regularly thrown from schools for bringing weapons to school, and in my town, we have already had bomb threats. The situation for our youth is grim, because of the laziness of the parents, not because there is no military involved. They already have an ROTC program, but that is by coice only, and the ROTC makes up less than 2% of the kids in our school. I dunno, guess I still got this quote to fall back on: "There is no problem big enough, where it cannot be solved with the proper application of high explosive." -Kacper --Harrm
  4. Oi! You really ARE in trouble, huh? Well, let us see if I can be of service... Start by looking up the controls in options. Learn them, they are all pretty useful, partiicularly "quicksave" and "quickload" which are F6 and F7 respectively. THE BASICS: MOVEMENT AND SHOOTING Like all first person shooters, you should check out the controls in the "option" menu and set them to whatever you want first. You should always have the following buttons ALWAYS at your disposal: Movement keys Raise stance Lower Stance Binoculars Fire Run Command Map Reload Change weapon Lean Left/right Select fireteams Alpha/Bravo/Charlie THE BASICS: THE HUD The hud is pretty self explanitory, and I'm sure you can figure it out pretty much on your own. One note should be the "pips" or those little things that move around in the center of your HUD. Those form a cross, and shows the current "spray" of the bullets in your weapon. It means that when you fire, your shots will land anywhere in the middle of those pips. You can make the pips get close by standing still, going prone, etc. They will separate when you are running, shooting, etc. THE BASICS: THE MAP Ghost Recon is 1-squad missions divided up into 3 fireteams, alpha, bravo, and charlie (military alphabet for A, B, and C). Once you select these teams and enter battle, you can switch among and command all of them in groups. To switch to the lead man (the first guy in each group) use the number keys 1, 2, and 3. "1" selects Alpha (default), "2" selects bravo, and "3" selects Charlie Okay, now you are able to switch between squads. Now, press and hokd the "shift" key. This brings up the command menu, which is really only a map. On the left side, you will see 3 segments, and on the right a larger map. On the left... A, B, and C are your fireteams. If you want to select each team to move on the map, simply click one of these buttons, and place a move order on the map... To place a move order, once you have selected a fireteam, click on a position you want them to move on the map to your right. If that fireteam (that you ordered) is not being controlled by you, they will move out to that position immediately. If you issue an order and hold down the mouse button, you can select the direcction your troops will face once they get to that position, as indicated by a "sight triangle" sort of like the ones in Metal Gear Solid. "Your troops will automatically fire on enemy units they encounter on their way. They will stop to engage these targets, unless you have them on a forced move... On the left, you'll notice two other buttons besides the A, B, and C. On the top of each squads button, is the movemen button. They are: By default it is a yellow arrow, which basically means "advance carefully." This means your troops will move normally, and fire upon any enemies they encounter. If you click on the yellow arrow once, it will turn Green. This means "advance at all costs," which means your troops will not engage enemy units while moving, and will continue to move no matter what. One more click, and the arrows change to a red "X". This means "hold" and will cause your troops to not move anywhere, no matter what. This means they will not chase down enemy units, but will fight back if fired upon. Under the movement button, is the fire selector. This button tells your teammates how often they should shoot, and how hard they should fight. There are 3 selections for this, as well. You can shift selections by clicking on this icon. The selections are: Gun: this is the default, designated by a pistol. This tells your squads to fire normally. They will shoot at enemy units and engage them as they come across them. Gun with plus sign: This means that your units will burn as much ammo as they need to kill their enemy. They will fire at enemy units on-sight, and will engage enemy units aggressively, doing whatever they can to wipe out enemy units. Gun with minus sign: This means that your units will fire the absolute minimum that it takes to survive. Your units will not fire on enemy units they encounter, and try to pass them by. Your units will, however, fire back if fired upon. This is the stealthiest mode, but if your units walk into a bunch of enemies, they're pretty much dead. MODDING: Mods are the reason a community exists! A "Mod" or "Modification" is something created by the community (everyone here) that makes the game different, such as adding new missions, weapons, and sometimes completely changing GR into a new game altogether. most mods come with readme files with instrustions, but otherwise, you place them in your "mods" folder in your GR folder (in Windows). You can select mods by going into the Options screen, selecting the "mods" tab, and choosing what mods you have instaslles on the left side and adding them to the right (double click). You can get a whole bunch of mods here in the download section of this site, but some of them you need the two Ghost Recon expansion packs (Desert Ciege and Island Thunder) to play. That is listed on the site before you download them. MISSION 1: There is a walkthrough on this site. Look for it a bit, its here. You have to know that if you kill all enemy units on a map, the mission automatically is over. If you cant find any units at the base camp, that means that they probably went up to the caves to see what happened to their leader! Search the map, you'll find them. Another note should be the Motion sensor in the bottom-middle of your HUD. The way that works, is it shows you the location of enemy units across the map. You see those yellow things? They point in the direction of you enemies. It's simple, up means in front of you, down means behind you, left means the the left of you, and right means to the right of you. If you see a yellow blip in one of those 4 areas, that means that there are enemies in that direction. If there is a red dot present in the center of that circle, that means there is an enemy nearby (within 40m). You can find more help here: http://www.ghostrecon.net/html/faqs.htm These are most of the questions asked by people in your shoes. GR is a game of patience. Just go slow and take enemies 1 at a time. The game was not designed with you storming across the map shooting everything in sight in mind. You have to take it one enemy at a time. If you have any particular questions, dont hesitate to ask. This is one of the most helpful communities you will ever find, even if it is sort of....well....big. Good luck. --Harrm
  5. Fusaki: To this day I have fired over 16 variants and 2 custom-made AK-47s. I can't tell you any more than that, since I live in the US, where assault rifles are illegal, and specifics get you nailed. HX: Better to stick to the real thing. If you want to fire 7.62 rounds, hey, thats okay, but not particularly useful (like shooting a .44 at over 10 meters). If you want to enjoy the gun you're shooting, I recommend a snub-barrel AK-47 that shoots the 5.56 rounds. They usually have them as semi-auto designs at custom guns shops and you can pick up a full-auto conversion kit for about $40 (US). I personally havent fired a full-auto snub-barrel AK, but I'm told its a real blast. Okay, I really didnt want that to be a pun, but whatever... --Harrm
  6. ...My god...everything in my life up until this point is meaningless... --Harrm
  7. Okay, I want to start by saying that I know just about everything there is to know about the AK-47. It is my favorite weapon, and I would swear my life by it. I look up information on the AK-47 as a hobby, and personally own a collection of litiature on the weapon itself. With this in mind, it is obvious why I came here for advice. Yesterday, by word-of-mouth, I heard that an OICW variant AK is being developed to compete with the American (German made) variant already in development. Now, for a gun (the AK) that has over 50 variants, this seems possible, but I've searched the internet for hours, and cant find a thing on it. I've sent out Emails to weapons technicians around the globe, but havent recieved any answers, and doubt that I will (its hard getting anything out of these people). The question is, can anyone find any merit to this? Does anyone know if an integrated combat system is in fact being developed for the AK? Is this all top secret or something? Wheres the bathroom? SO MANY QUESTIONS UNANSWERED! HELP! --Harrm
  8. Yes. I brought it up in this thread: http://www.ghostrecon.net/forums/index.php...ST&f=23&t=14144 I cant wait for Full Spectrum Warrior. I've been waiting for it since mid-2003. Theres news on it over at Megagames: www.megagames.com They also showed a brief, about 1 second scene of a medium (Tiger) tank in Battlefield 1942 running over an american soldier. I'm just glad they put my best game (I dont have a favorite, but I'm best at that one) of all time in there! --Harrm
  9. If you like that, go pick up Infiltration UT 2.9 (an unreal tournament mod) over at Sentry Studios. The game was/is years ahead of its time, and is by far the most thurough simulation of army operations I have ever seen: http://infiltration.sentrystudios.net/ Another mod to make note of is Desert Combat, for Battlefield 1942. While not entirely realistic, it comes pretty close. It really shines in multi-squad level tactics when you play an arranged deathmatch game. Then you need to stick close to everyone, and having 32 guys on your team (spread across 3 squads) is also very fun. http://www.desertcombat.com/ I am told that both seem unparalleled in their realism when viewed with some kind of integrated system. --Harrm
  10. I get the history channel where I live (my favorite channel, and probably the only one I really watch anymore) and I saw a show on today called "Tactical to Practical." Coincidently, the episode they had on included an entire segment about airsoft and paintball being used as training in the US military. Apparently, US Marines use airsoft to train, and world militaries (like Israel, as mentioned beforehand by tyovan) use paintball. Guess I was right, either that or the history channel is wrong... They make paintballs in the irght caiber for airsoft rifles. You can get them over at Airsoft Atlanta. http://www.airsoftatlanta.com/ --Harrm
  11. Last night I saw a report on some news site about the US Military using airsoft guns armed with paintballs to simulate urban combat enviroments. I already know they have the MILES gear and such, and they've been using that newfangled laser-doohickey on the end of their rifle for quite some time now. I wanted to now if there was any merit to this? With all my army buddies still over in Iraq, I cant ask them, so here I am! I say this because I have been playing paintball for quite some time and have been into airsoft for an even longer time (cant buy a gun due to $ constraints). I mean, airsoft is very close to the real thing, at least the urban missions (they actually have flashbangs!) anyways. Just wondering, thats all. --Harrm
  12. *Saluto* Morirò oggi per miei fratelli. Miei fratelli moriranno oggi per me. E la morte diventerà mio fratello. --Harrm
  13. Desert Combat. GTA:Vice City. Probably Homeworld 2 as soon as I become un-sick and go out and buy the damn thing. --Harrm
  14. Oi! That reminds me. Another commonly used tactic for me (although not half as much as my top 3) is saying things like "You just can't find me can you?" Or "okay, you're getting warm, you're getting warm, no, wait, cold. Colder. I SAID COLD YOU ######!" Whether or not I know where the enemy is or not. I think one of my moist effective tactics to date has been the claymore suprise trick. Okay, this has only worked ONCE and ONCE only, and it WASNT in a tournament game, so dont go around trying this out if your reputation is at stake. Go to a heavily traversed area (like a street intersection or something of the like) and place as many claymores as you can around it. Have your teammates do the same. Once you get about 8 claymores in there (spread out) bait the enemy to going there by firing off a few shots into the air. Once they get to the edge of the intersection, do something obvious on the other side, like accidently take two steps out into the middle of a street and jump back behind cover. Watch as the enemy team walks into your mine field. Then start shooting at. When they try to fall back to cover, half of them get smoked by the mines. Another fun thing to do (that I dont do) would be go walk around everywhere crouched. Tell your teammates that you have scurvy. Ask them if they have any Vitamin C. If they dont, shoot them in the foot. --Harrm
  15. Whats everyones favorite tactic for screwing with the enemy? Not killing them, just annoying the heck out of the poor sods. My top three are as follows: 3.) Do annoying things like traverse vast distances while prone, or randomly fire your secondary gun into the air while screaming "The butterflies! The butterflies!" 2.) Get really close to an enemy unit, and run in a tight circle around them, and watch as they unload their entire clip trying to take you out, then run away firing sparatically while screaming incoherent babble. I find that most enemies cannot recover from this fast enough to pop me in the back before I make off. Try and time it so that shortly after this occurance, a buddy caps your enemy in the dome with a sniper round. 1.) Take out some sort of silenced weapon and find your enemy. Proceed to shoot them in the legs about 4 times, just so that they can barely move, then leave them there and do the same to the rest of their team. Nothing is more irritating than this, I assure you. Anyone else? --Harrm
  16. Use Quicksave. A lot. Its F6 on the keyboard by default. When your entire team bites it, just reload from the start and get a clean slate. This is especially true with IT, but not so much with DS for me (I am the lord of the sand, no matter the game). If you want to play online, find a big bush and hide in it, and when someone comes close by, jump out and start to fire blindly into the air while screaming profanities. Run up to the other guy and start to run circles around him screaming "I AM THE LIZARD KING." Most players are so imposed by this they quit the server. At least I THINK they're imposed. Either that or very, very embarrassed. Another favorite tactic of mine is to stay far, far away and shoot people in the legs with silenced weapons. But I'll write about that in another thread. --Harrm
  17. Use mIRC or another P2P if all else fails. At least donate some sort of cash to Red Storm for it. Products of this quality deserve monatary compensation. --Harrm
  18. Actually, as a man who shoots way more guns than he should, I can say that the sight is a huge help for me. It allows to see where the barrel is pointed (pitch) so that I can predict the drop of the bullet in-flight. Its becomes handy when hitting a target the size of a computer monitor at 100m with a .22 longrifle pistol. 14/18 hits! Oh yeah! I would have perferred an aiming system similar to Infiltration UT. If you haven't played that, PLAY IT NOW. It is (dare I say it) better than GR. It has the standard FPS view, with your gun in the bottom right. When you click the right mouse button, you actually raise the gun, and the sights of the gun are front of you, instead of an unrealistic crosshair. It all happens in-game, and the game feels 100% real. Realistic recoil (none of this silly 'pips' business), good graphics (UT engine), and detailed models. GET IT NOW! DO IT! http://infiltration.sentrystudios.net/ --Harrm
  19. Dont use Gamespy! Those kids are serious 'nade spammers! Only trained professionals are allowed to deal with 'em. Why? Because they're so damn fun to kill. Well, it'd been posted about a bajillion times already, so here it is again: go to campaign-start new-then play. Each mission you beat you can play in instant action. Also, if you've got to play online, first of all don't join a server with peoples whos names use "Haxor." Those are kids, and they are quite insepid to play with. Second, ask your team to teach you how to play. If they refuse to offer help, then just tell them you're sorry and bail. If they do help, use common sense. If they tell you to point a grenade launcher at your feet and fire, dont do it. Point it at them. It's funnier that way. --Harrm
  20. Uninstalled right now. I just uninstalled a bunch of games because they suddenly stopped working, and GR was one of those games. My system is horribly buggy, and needs major revamp work. Without GR, I've been playing ChaosUT2, Duel. I usually only play GR for tournaments and such now. Hey, after 2000 logged kills and 1100 tracked games, you gotta take a break! Uninstall Battlefield 1942?! Good Gobs of GRAVY man are you INSANE! Have you not played Desert Combat?! Whats WRONG with you?! Oi!! If I had BF42 installed right now I'd-- ...well...I'd probably be playing it. --Harrm
  21. I have an NVidia GeForce2 MX400 64MB card, and I am running those oh-so-fancy detonator drivers they where good enough to put out (+20% performance: Ooh-RAH!) but the drivers are also known to interfere with other monitor performance drivers. Will I have to stop using my Detonator drivers to use the glasses? Will I have to take the degradation in performance? Will Superman ever triumph over the forces of evil? Help! --Harrm PS: I am running a Dell standard 19' CRT, just like Unc.John. PPS: I'm sick. I just did a shot of NyQuil. Will that prodice the same 3D effect without the glasses?
  22. Il benvenuto! Il benvenuto! It's a good forum, but its pretty hard to get used to. Take it from me, I've been here for awhile now and it still seems...foreign. Maybe I'm just not posting hard enough (Ed. !!! I think the NyQuils gone to my head...). --Harrm
  23. I got you both beat: http://img.villagephotos.com/p/2003-11/475.../Tonsuhguns.jpg --Harrm
  24. You're preaching to the choir, my friend... --Harrm
  25. You're not allowed to keep 3rd party programs running during play. It violates the EULA. In tournaments, we (apparently) get special privilages to run the programs for record use. Theres nothing in the EULA against entering stats into another document however. But thats only for people like me who actually care what their accuracy was that game... --Harrm
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