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  1. Personally, I prefer the Barretta. I can draw it quicker, because its a little bigger than most 9mm pistols, and theres more room to grab the handle by. The triggers a bit sensitive, but I like it, because you can put a lot of lead in the air that way.

    The 1911 was one of the best, most reliable guns ever created. Just look at its long record with the US


  2. Czech probably. Doubt Africa/South America greatly. They've been in civil war for decades now. The middle east will forever be in chaos due to religious beliefs, and India is/was/will be a brewing pot. North Korea is a big spot too.


  3. Hey guys. Sorry about the lack of postage. Been busy with college crap. But I can still use some help with stuff...

    Does anyone know the maximum effective range of a Sig551 rifle? What about the SWAT variant?

    Thats about it for now. Its good to have a place to turn for these questions. Cheers!


  4. Uhmm, awhile ago we discussed what was Black Ops and what was Spec Ops. We all agreed on "Black Ops=psychos with guns and Spec Ops=Trained psychos with guns." So, if Black Ops really have no formal affiliation, then I'm pretty sure they dont have a standard uniform to begin with. And guns? Whatever they can carry, really.


  5. If you're coming out of a swamp, you're going to be moving so slowly that if you're popping out under enemy fire, you're about dead anyways.

    I took this little tidbit of info from a squad-level military book, although I forget the name. Also, if you fire while submerged, the bullet speed reduction is enough where the bullet becomes close to harmless.

    Budgie: Well, the PLAN was to get the OICW to everyone. Then Iraq rolled around, and "poof!" our money was gone. The bigshots are still trying to push things through, although its unlikely.


  6. A last second post...

    I do something called the "Guinnea Ghili." Yes, I'm Italian, what gave you that idea?

    What you do is grab a small bush and rip it from the ground whatever way you can. Then get some fishnet stocking and tape it to your back, legs, etc. Even better if you already have the stockings twined into your clothing. Then strip down the bush and stick the pieces in lines going diagnol across your chest, back, legs, etc. Then grab another bush, and do the same. Repeat until your entire body is covered.

    We've built ghili suits in under 15 minutes with this method.


  7. GR doesnt change its AI behavior. You just did something different, and the AI decided that a different solution was the best solution.

    Battlefield 1942 changes it AI. Why? When a bot gets in a tank, it cannot use its infantry subroutine, otherwise it will continuously bump into objects and eventually blow itself up. Thats a pretty basic example.

    GR doesnt do this. It has one AI, and thats for soldiers on foot. The Tank AIs, to my knowledge are a completely different set of combat routines (and scripted).


  8. HARRM has cast: Counterspam, Level 1.

    If you play GR a lot, you begin to realize theres a short delay before bots shoot, when they are playing their "raise weapon" animation. Thankfully, you dont have this animation, such if you rush in with an automatic weapon, you can pepper everyone in the room before they get a shot off. This works with human players, too, although not nearly as often.


  9. The good news: our boys can shoot underwater.

    The bad news: That doesnt mean a damn thing.

    Its a good thing they finally updated the thing, though. its not going to be all that important wit hthe OICW on its way to becoming standard issue for US soldiers in 2005-2010. The M4 is a good weapon, but it forced designers to build a landwarrior kit around it. Now that they have the freedom to make the gun apart of the kit, rather than vice versa, I think they'll jump at the opportunity.


  10. Well, I dont have a Minimi laying around but...

    I did a check on ACmob but couldnt find anything on it (I'll try and get pics of it soon). I took your advice Silent night and jimmyrigged a mobile AC battery to the thing, using a US Robotics output transformer and a car battery (and a couple other odds and ends, like some resistors, a light diode and a capacitor). I tacked the ends to some steel wool and FWISH! The Wool disintegrated.

    I then tried it with a weaker battery, but nothing happened. The question now is "You you freakin' serious?" I mean, you cant have SpecOps running around with car batteries strapped to their backs, right? Does the military use minigenerators? Really small but powerful batteries?

    Any help I would be grateful for.


  11. I was a bit suprised by the "is multiplayer free?" question. As a rule of thumb, any game that is not Massively Multiplayer (hundreds of players/server), the internet play is free. Well, it SHOULD be free. Otherwise, that would be a major rip off to pay 60 bucks for a game and only get 10 hours of playtime out of it.

    At $20 US, GR:GoldEd is quite possibly the best deal you can find out there. 3 games, two of which where PC Gamers Expansion Pack of the Year for a price 1/3 of most other games.


  12. I hope you mean the firefight mission where you invade the castle. I've beaten the whole mission with an M16, using no grenades. "Good" on that map would be lobbing grenades mortar-style over the walls of the castle and planting them on the head of some goober guarding one of the north walls.


  13. Two questions, if anyone can answer them:

    1- Can an FM minimi SAW shoot through the armor of a hummer? How about Strykers? Or just about any other light transportation unit or LAV?

    2- On the US special forces C4 remote detonator (cant find the serial code right off the bat) there is a small plug-in the is labeled ACmob on back near the primary switch, just to the right of fuse. What is it for?


  14. I'll back things up a bit (because Crimson took care of the majoriy of the answers). Looking at the map for enemy LOCs is pretty much the same thing you do in the normal game. You blast through the level. You die. You shoot what shot you, then blast through the level until you die again. You are mentally mapping enemy locations. The only difference between looking at a map and doing it by trial and error, is the map takes less time.

    Later on though, when you get a feel for the placement of enemies, you should not use the map, as it detracts from the overall sense of GR. by the time yo uare doing the Expansions packs, you should be able to beat most missions with 0 casualties. Well, except for a few IT maps. Those are bloody hard and will give you the thrashing of a lifetime.


  15. I have a question, and I cant get it answered by any one source, so I figure the collective knowledge of this forum may be able to help.

    Who has the highest pension check of the US armed services and how much is it for each rank? Also, what the minimum number of years you have to be in that job to qualify for a pension?

    Just curious, really.


  16. Little known fact: adding molten Iron to Napalm (the professional kind, not the Styrofoam and gasoline crap) will allow it to conduct electricity without destroying the destructive properties of the original meterial.

    Also, did you know American currency is magnetic, and will also conduct a little electricity?

    "They" also have a laser cannon. It takes the size of a 747 to house the contents, but the cannon can carve just about anything in two.

    Yup. Neruomechanical systems allow pilots to only think about their actions, and it is performed.


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