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  1. Thanks Cobaka well that is too bad `cause I really, I mean really want U guys to see this...
  2. Images don`t seem to show up...??? Should it be in .gif only or .jpg is good? Thanks
  3. Hey guys! Ok here are my firt 2 models EVER in 3dsmax... First one is a m4a1 (4600 polys) Second a SOPMOD (16100 polys ouch) Don`t talk to me about the polys, I didn`t care... " The goal was to do something as detailed as possible and see how it was running on my PC...Runs smooth baby... Here we go : Seems to me the secret is the textures...What do ya think?? T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  4. That`s what I tough... Too bad!... Well, if anyone wants to "host" my pics, you are welcome...! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  5. Yep...! Nice models there Prozac and Streinger... I have one too I absolutely want to show you all but I can`t find the way to join it to the post...(still new to the forum...) It`s 4300 polys (4600 with suppressor)...It`s my FIRST model ever and boy it`s a delight for the eyes... Maybe someone could just "simplify" this image thing for me so I can make some heads turn... Can`t wait to hear your comments guys!!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  6. OK forget about the textures not showing in the edit window, just found out how to make it appear...(uncheck "Affect Center Tile"...) Still I wonder about the video setting... Thanks...
  7. Hi guys... Just finished my first model, using 3dsmax 5.1 with SP1... Prob is when I assign texture to model, and click UVW map, and then Unwrap UVW, and then Edit to "fit" it...all I have in the "Edit" window is a blue background, no picture there to do my work...I followed Pain`s videos tuts and seems like I did everything right...I tried both .bmp and .rsb file, and now I`m ######ed I wonder if it`s related the 3D setting, `cause when I lauched 3dsm the first time, I screwed up choosing the setting, and now I don`t know how to change it...And wich is best? OpenGL or 3D? Got a GeForce 4 Ti-4200 with AGP 8X, cause first time I lauched 3dsmax, I chose 3d and then directX9, but I got an error (SP1 wasn`t installed, would that be it...?) so I ended up with the default setting wich is Heidi I think...How do I change this?? OK enough said...Any help or indications will be welcome... Thx! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  8. Woooo nice models Nightmare!! Nice `n clean, good job man... T.E.C.-leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  9. One more question, Swartsz, would you have some other links like this one?? I don`t speak japanese! I`m looking for some great pictures to start modeling too... Thanks guys!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  10. Hey Swartsz thanks for the link, exactly what I was looking for !!! t3k, keep on your good work man, you`re gettin` there! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  11. Hi there! Glad to join U guys...Been following your discussions for quite a while now... Anyways! Let`s get to the real thing...: I`m a new modder, 3dsmax that is, and I`m really looking forward to impress U guys whit some nice weapons models...BUT I NEED GOOD TEXTURES to do so!! So, can anyone please give me some links to hi-res weapons pictures or else so I can get to it?? I`m not in the military so I don`t have access to real weapons so I could photograph them U see... I`m getting bored at reskinning characters in Photoshop and want to try something else... By the way your tutorials are really helping, keep on posting some!! Thanks to all of U in advance!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
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