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  1. WOW those look great man! Don`t you stop!
  2. Snowfella : guessed right, all booleaned, because the only way I know to do it...Now you`ll have to teach me for that alpha channel thing in photoshop, but I must say one thing though : I didn`t have any particular texture/picture of the RIS system...I simply picked the textures on other parts of the gun...Now how the hell am I gonna alpha this out??? ...still want to know...for the future... Thanks!
  3. Correct me if I`m wrong, but the .kil files will only be for multiplayer, no? And yes that is a lot of kits to edit with DS, IT and the specialists Good luck man!
  4. Well, I have to say you`re right about the holsterpoint, and they sure don`t match the ones you showed us here, but still the texture on them is darn good... We`ll see what I can come up to...
  5. Oh by the way Swifty, this old mod, "SWISS SPECIAL FORCE - SSF -", by Darkgiver had some very nice Sig guns in it that are, IMO, some of the best textured gun yet to this day... Worth a look... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  6. Don`t know for Swartsz, but I`m gonna give `em a try for sure...Thanks for the link Swifty, I was looking for some... Will be posted soon...I promise!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  7. OK thanks for the hints guys!! Snow, I guess you`ve seen my models, so I imagine 100-200 more polys wont change that muche to a 16000+ poly model " Still a good thing to know though, if I ever want to participate to WMC, I would have to reduce that poly count JUST A LITTLE !! Good stuff to know thanks again!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  8. Hey can you guys inform me a bit on this beveling and chamfering thing so I can try it to...Maybe I could improve my stuff a little... Thanks boys! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  9. Welcome man Give me feedback on the results! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  10. I think Ravenmouth is right...The only thing I have selected when I export is the "Clean vertex attributes" box... Everything is fine this way (for me...) Come back to us on this... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  11. LOL no kidnapping here man! All this thanks to Pain`s tuts! And it`s only a beginning guys Looking forward to impress U some more, as I found some more hi res pics that will definitly be worth some more coffees and smoke nights Thanks Zantar45!
  12. What do you mean? I`ll risk myself there: (for weapons only to spare some time...) Equip= Gun files=Weapons attributes+3d models used (edit with notepad) Models= the 3d models themselfs(edit with gr skinner) Kits= All the gun kits available in the game=per class(edit with notepad) Also ".kil" files are the kit restrictions for MP(edit with notepad) *Shell= "Strings.txt"= the name of the guns you will see in game and about all the written stuff (edit with notepad) *Shell/Art= the reticules, main menus and stuff like this... *Shell/Art/Kits=All the kit icons you will see in the game(edit with photoshop). In fact, all the .rsb files can be edited with photoshop, as long as you have the plug-in, wich is on your Island Thunder CD Sound=Need explanation for this??? Textures=Well, the word says it all:Gun textures and some others like the blood textures and explosion textures etc... *Shell folder in your original GR folder is not in Origmiss, but in the Data folder. But if your doing a mod, you will have to include it with the others in your mod folder... Hope it answers some of your interrogations, don`t hesitate for any other information U need , my pleasure! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  13. Those are sweet SnakeEater! Got any close-up renders so I can appreciate the beauties?? T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  14. Pretty strange...Never had a blue box problem... Still not a 3dsmax guru myself...Still learning like all of us on this earth...! When you load it in inches, it`s ok ? I don`t think it really matters what unit you use...I`ve always used the inch one... What I say is if it`s ok in inches, then keep it that way, it won`t change a thing (IMO), `cause you will still have to rescale it to export to GR... Tell me what you think on that, meanwhile I`ll do some searching on my side, see if I can come up with some answer to the blue box thing... By the way, how did you end up with this blue box? Still your famas looks great man T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  15. I had pictures of the fist gun but not with a muzzle flash...I checked many other pics and then added the one I though was well fitted to it... As for the second gun, I only had a very small picture of it...So, as I said earlier, I modeled every part separatly and merged them together... Just wondering if the sopmod (second one) could be a airsoft gun though, but still very happy with the results... What do you think guys?? T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  16. What I do, to keep the best quality possible, is I save my renders in .bmp and then I open them in Photoshop and save them as .jpg and I get a better quality then just saving my renders in .jpg... Up to you man... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  17. Well the blood textures are in your texture folder and are the "billboard_effect7_xx.rsb" and the "decal_effectx.rsb" files (don`t know the exact ones though.... " ), where x is a number... You can edit those in Photoshop, but can`t tell you about rock markers... Personnaly, I`ve edited the decal_effects 1 to 7 and you can clearly see the holes left by the bullets in every corps... May I suggest you check `em all out in Photoshop and edit the ones you want to, then put them in a "mini-mod" or back up your originals and put the edited ones in your original texture folders... Good luck man, come back to me and tell me what you found... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  18. WOO congrats Swarm, very nice!! Can`t wait to see them with textures, as you said it yourself, they are the secret!! Well done! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  19. Well actually the first one took me one night, 4 coffees and 23 cigarettes (something like 15 hours...) The second one was a bit tougher because all the parts were on separate pictures, I only had a small pic of the gun...Photoshop magic...Took me 2 nights, more coffee and cigs...Made all the parts separatly then merged them together, resized some. TA DAA!...And then got some sleep a little... All I have to say is Pain`s video tutorials are awesome, I learned everything so fast actually I can`t believe it myself... As for releasing a mod, I am still thinking about it, the amount of polygons that will be it this "future mod" will be high, believe me Depends maybe on the feedback and requests... Also I`m on 56k so... I`m open to any suggestions or offers, but also I`m the founder of a clan in my home place and actually I`m teaching my buddies right now so we get to it together and create a HIGH DETAIL WHO CARES ABOUT THE POLYGONS MOD for our clan, since we all can afford it with our pc`s... I already made a couple`skins and now I would like to create some maps, but I found very little tutorials for mapping so it will be like learning on the spot...! We`ll see... Anyways thanks for your comments man really appreciated T.E.C.-Leader Tacticac*Elite*Corps
  20. Guess you would need to do a mod where your kit files are named exactly like the ones in the original game but edited with the weapons you want...and have the same amount of kits or more to replace them all... Ex: demolitions-01.kit demolitions-02.kit etc...for each class
  21. Are all your drivers installed correctly? Is 3dsmax in OpenGL or 3d software? If 3d, did you choose directX 8 or 9 (You need to install the service pack for directX 9 support...) Did you try in the front view port? Did you install 3dsmax 5.1 update?
  22. Maybe you deleted an extra face when deleting unnecessery ones? If it`s the case, you can always create it again by selecting the part of your gun where there is a missing face, then "edit mesh"»"polygons"»"create" and then you "contour" your missing face by clicking on the dots, red or blue, that are around this specific empty face, If the empty spot turns red, it worked... I had to do this a couple of times and it worked fine for me... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  23. " " Oups...my mistake...the ftp upload link doesn`t give the full address... Pictures (third try...) : OK should work fine now... Can`t wait for you`re comments...!!!
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