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  1. MarauderMike, pics don`t show up... I will work more on the AMR, thx for the inputs mate...One thing though: what`s "scrim"? (hey you know I`m french!) Stalker_Zero also suggested to have a choice of two skins per characters in MP...I think it`s a good idea, even if it requires more work...There are a lot of weapons but few skins in the mod right now...What do you think? Later...
  2. Hi there, me again... Ok Stalker_Zero asked me to make a desert skin for the AMR Sniper, so I did this one quickly based on the woodland one: What do ya think? Should he have no black vest? I`m open to any critissism or suggestions... Salute!
  3. Yeah well I did that in the first place but then watching the other classes I added the "A" in front... 2 seconds to correct this...Minor, 3 .atr files to edit... As for adding Cartel map (Traffic_c, isn`t it??) gee go ahead!! This map is soooo nice! Cyas
  4. Hye dude...what do ya think? I did already mate! Talk to you later 0! Cheers,
  5. No problem guys... I know nothing at mission scripting... The only thing I understand in Igor is the sound editor...lol...but for the rest...I can edit .gun/.chr/.qob/.atr/.kit/.kil...I`m good at photoshop and I can model guns in 3DSMax... PM or email me for anything you want me to do. Let`s get this mod released folks Bye!!
  6. Ok done with adding the 3 new classes...Here we go: Now as you can see, the kits are quite messed up. Also, the AMR Sniper doesn`t have a desert skin... Ok so now we all know it`s doable... The thing is, IMO, it`s work for nothing, until the kits are done. One other thing I want to know is if these will be the final skins for these classes... May I suggest you let me know when all kits and skins are done? Then I will simply add the classes... If you need help for other stuff then let me know!!! I can provide any help you guys may need, just come out and ask. Well that`s it folks, talk to ya later! Regards,
  7. Hello guys! yeah I got the beta last night...After talking to Stalker_Zero this evening, I have a better understanding of what`s to do for me...So I`m gonna use 3 specialist skins. If you ever add specific characters for these 3 classes, let me know so I can modify the .atr files... 3 more classes for multiplayer, that`s easy stuff...give me a couple of hours... Blakarion I will send you the .atr and .kil files once completed...They will include the new classes, with one or two kits each for testing...Once all the kits are done, just tell me I will edit the .kil file(s). Oh BTW, you want these classes for all four platoons or only one, or wich ones? Coolness. Let`s roll!! Cheers,
  8. Yeah hi all... As Stalker_Zero stated, I offered some help, even though I don`t play GR much these days...(still such a game!). I know pretty much every little corner of GR modding, even if I never released any mod for the community...(56gay dial-up ) For those who want, fell free to add me to your msn messenger, so we can coordinate our work... Stalker_Zero talk to u later... Cheers,
  9. lol no a really big file In fact, I`m on 56GAY too so...I think it`s worth a little wait...
  10. Hey nightmare! cm or inch = who cares lol Before exporting your gun, you have to rescale it, so I suggest you follow Pain`s video tutorial on exporting, as it will bring your gun to the right size anyway...The videos are found here: http://www.planetrainbowsix.com/atwar/Pain/index.html Look for "modding videos" on the left tab, it should be "helpers 2 export" There should be some files included with the video that will be used as references to scale your gun properly...Was pretty easy for me, and I`ve always used the inches unit...The only thing is that not all the helperpoints are explained in the video (brass ejection and holster points are not...) but it`s no big deal to figure them out... Hope this works good for you too! Come back to me on this... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  11. Ha! ha! how come it`s confidential lol Don`t be shy!! Mine with the m203 is 20000 polys, who cares!! Did you see it?? When you want something nice and detailed, there is a price to pay...(I think we understand each other on that ) It`s your call anyway man Still it`s nice T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  12. @Projectile : First person view would be great...Would be like...Raven Recon! Any idea how tough?? If you guys can give me hints on how to achieve this, (if doable...) I`m gonna try it, you bet! Besides that, I like high detailed guns and all since we play lot of coop here and I think it adds to the realism of the game...(IMO) I`ve tried yesterday to play with the holsterpoint, and from what I`ve seen so far, I can only have it hanging in the back of the characters... Is it possible to have it on the chest? (I still have some testing to do tough...) @Ruin: Yes I know for the rendering...Was too exited, didn`t take the time to make a clean render...Future ones will be better, promised! And for the textures, some parts I had only small pics of so...best I could do (right now┬╗┬╗still learning...!) Maybe you can tell me what parts on wich gun you think could be improved and I`ll see what I can do? Thanks guys!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  13. Really nice SnakeEater... Really nice Textures are nice and crisp, I like the scope lenses What`s the poly count on it??? T.E.C.-leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  14. Hey Snow! A bit late but...happy birthday mate!! This is really looking great man, can`t wait to try the mod!! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Eltie*Corps
  15. Yeah very nice...But from what i`ve red in their forum last summer, the completion of the map is not sure at all, because of other projects and bla bla bla ACtually it`s been stuck to 70% completion for the past 6 months or so... Hope it`s ever finished someday so we can get a feel of this BHD atmosphere... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  16. ^HOLSTERPOINT OK so IF GRT I did what you said and merged the HP to my resized model, but I can`t see it at all, unlike my others (brass, muzzle...) I can select it in the "Select by hand" menu, but it doesn`t show up in any view, and if I hide unselected, to see only the holsterpoint, I get nothing in all my 4 view ports... Any idea someone? And if I ever manage to see it, where do I place it exactly? Thx guys... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  17. Renders: Now isn`t that cute?? My first time playing with the "chamfer" option...It`s cool! T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  18. Well thats really too bad!! Thanks anyway man!!
  19. I just added a m203 gl to the sopmod...Cranks it up to close to 20000 polygons (!) Pretty... Renders coming... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  20. OK IF GRT I found the holster points downloads (finally... ) I`m gonna try it out... Now let`s find out about those smoke `nades... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  21. OK thanks IF GRT...Seems like I`ve got a LOT of reading to do for the holster point... FAQ`s section isn`t small at ALL!!! And I want to specify I would prefer some trowable smoke grenades, I`m sure you IGOR gurus out there can come up with something (Well I guess it would be an IGOR scripting thing...) Anyways! Will let it "cook on the stove" for a while...to see what you can come up to... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  22. Oh and I forgot : Did anybody ever tried to do smoke grenades for GR?? Plan to use this for MP battles, not really for SP... I know flashbangs are not doable (I mean like the "real flashing" ones...) but I`m sure there is something to do for smoke `nads Thanks again!
  23. Hey guys I need to know where to put the holster point on my models so they will hang on the character when second weapon is selected... Can`t find any tut on this and Pain`s videos they don`t show how so I`m ######ed A bunch like you guys sure can help me... Any help is welcome! Thanks! **Will be posting some new high poly models soon dudes... T.E.C.-Leader Tactical*Elite*Corps
  24. Yep! That is nice Soup!!
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