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  1. I'm not a crack at this, but I got this command line here I used for Lock On to make it run at High priority: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start "runhigh" /high "C:\_GAMES\Lock On - Modern Air Combat\LockOn.exe I figure we could revert and modify it to fit your needs, something like: C:\WINDOWS\system32\cmd.exe /c start "runnormal" /normal "C:\Program Files\Ubisoft\Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter\GRAW.exe This command line should be copied in the target area of your GRAW shortcut. Anyone can confirm/edit/verify this command line? EDIT: Make sure you have the right path that leads to your GRAW installation folder! I assumed it was installed to it's default location in the above command line...
  2. I sure hope you guys can sort this out pretty quick, as I got this issue too. It seems to happen mostly after an hour of play, never when I start playing. I will try without EAX... Sounds in this game are stunning --> this issue needs to be fixed! Regards,
  3. It is true, and a bit annoying if you ask me. Also there is nop ossibility to select the team leader. The host gets to be the leader. Period
  4. I also think it needs to be improved. No running while reloading is fine, but there is no need for a delay once we're done. Also I don't know why we wouldn't be able to change stance and/or peek right and left while reloading, heck I can do it while openning a banana Cheers,
  5. Well playing coop in the demo I noticed I could hear my buddies' character telling me when he killed someone, but no one hears mine (I'm the host...) when I do... I'm still working on my "top ten things I would like in GRAW" list and that will be in it
  6. My guess is M$ will implement something they did with XP back at the time, a "compatibility" switch...: In Windows XP, when ever you want to play an old game that was designed for, say Win98 or ME, and wich doesn't work well (or at all) on XP, you can right-click on the shortcut, go to properties/compatibility and tick the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box. Then you can select the type of O/S you want "emulated" for your game. I tried it a few times and it worked well. In theory, it should work with any programs designed for previous O/S... I think they will come up with something similar. That would ease the transition to Vista for many gamers, but also any end user who has a program that runs fine on XP but who is unstable in Vista for any reason... Just my 2 cents
  7. lol that's a 125% Stalker_Zero there! Beard or not, you better be better at GR:AW then at AA when you play on my team bro ROFL I just hope moddability will be at least on par with [GR]...From there we can count on many great modders out there to stretch the lifespan of GRAW to it's extreme limit.
  8. Yup, I'd like to know too. We know about Ageia, but is X-Fi X-Ram supported too? And GRiN_desmond22, we do care about the sounds. I think, like you said, that great sounds add so much to the immersion, the experience. Don't feel bitter m8 Some already stated that GRAW sounds were totally awesome, so I can't wait to hear that Cheers,
  9. OMFG! Good thing I had the bright idea to put newspaper under my chair, would've been a real mess Awesome!
  10. No, it's not just you The latest screenies are way better then what we had seen so far. The graphics are a lot crisper and detailed then all previous images posted. But in the end, the gameplay will make all the difference...Let's hope we, die hard GR pc gamers, will be rewarded for our tremendous patience Cheers,
  11. Tech

    GTR Race Tonight

    Prozac it's a shame u still haven't put your hands on GTR man. Just imagine the fun we'd have...Racing GRT is fun, but it doesn't make a lot of traffic on the track LMAO! Nah seriously, this is something you must get Prozac, and you too Rocky
  12. Tech

    GTR Race Tonight

    Count me in GRT, wish u get those packs from my FTP so we can race the Aston Martin, or the McLaren F1! Let's burn some rubber!
  13. Well, yet another Quebequer agrees with Raton's point ;p To have it down in the corner would clear the FOV for sure. Cheers,
  14. Tech

    Star Wars

    LMFAO! indeed, amazingly funny, and very well done
  15. Ok I admit I`ve been VERY quiet in the past months, the GR2 saga dissapointing me so much, I pratically moved on to other things. BUT, after reading that GR2 was abandonned in favor of GR3, that was gonna be "more towards what gr pc fans expected", then I started coming back, reading posts, lurking...I was sceptical, yes. Maybe I still am...BUT, I must now admit that this piece of information is somehow encouraging. It warmed me up. It brought the interrest back. Now bring me back my all times favorite toy... Cheers,
  16. Heu...And what about S.T.A.L.K.E.R.? Talkin`bout open field, "go and do what you want" type of game, that one looks promissing... Of course I can`t compare, as S.T.A.L.K.E.R. is no squad based game, and has a "sci-fi" side to it...Mutants and all...(Well some say how much fiction is it?, but that`s another debate ) I`m afraid we will never see something like GR again...GR was one of a kind, targeted to a restricted number of gamers. A lot of people I know did not like GR because it was "too tactical" for them...They like to run and gun, Quake like games... Now back to the thread`s subject, I would enjoy more maps, desert based (yeah I know we have DS, but I can`t get enough of it!). I would also like minor changes/improvements, like ability to strafe while leaning, ability to step over 6 inches rocks:wall: (or addition of a climb button), integration of flashbangs (not like it`s not doable, SOAF has them...). These are minor tweaks IMO and would make me put R6:RVS away for a while! I could add more, but it would just ruin it. With these, it`s something we can get easilly I think Let`s ask see if we been good boys/gals lol Cheers,
  17. Hey guys... Need inputs on helperpoint for handheld items...I just modeled an improved version of the demo charge, but now I just don`t know what helper to add or even where to add it... My guess is I would have to add right and left hand points...Need you guys to confirm this please... Thx!
  18. Ya with pain`s tuts you get "exemple files" wich u can use to scale down your models to the approximate right size... Cheers,
  19. This I agree 110% dude. By far I would even add... These are superb models, both characters AND weapons...I can`t wait to see what the game will "feel" like... Cheers all!
  20. Yeah thanks a bunch soup... That`s definatly worth a download Cheers,
  21. Well I guess I`ll try and balance things off a bit here, and I`m gonna go with Intel...: CPU: Intel® Pentium® 4 -570, 3.8-GHz @ 800Mhz w/ 1Mb (Socket 775) Mobo: Abit® AG8-3rd eye, Socket 775, Intel®915P Chipset w/ PCI Express x16 (ATX) *OR: Asus® P5AD2-PREMIUM/WLOM, Socket 775, Intel® i925X Chipset w/ PCI Express x16 (ATX) Vid Card: Asus® Extreme AX800XT/2DT w/256Mb DDR & PCI-Express Memory: Corsair 1Gb PC/5400 XMS2 DDR2 PRO TwinX 675Mhz Platinum Series (2 x 512Mb) [TWIN2X1024-5400C4PRO] AS u can see, I like Asus...Quality stuff. Why ATi based vid u might ask? Because from what I red in couple of reviews, ATi`s got native PCI Express, compared to nVidia who has only an emulation (chip). Plus benchmarks clearly show that both ATi and nVidia cards are pretty equal, some benches giving slight edge to ATi...(those I`ve seen...) This is in no way intended to start a flame war, just my opinion...We all have our favorites Cheers all,
  22. I`m HERE!!!!!!!!! Stalker_Zero I saw you on msn couple of nights ago but you were not responding... Besides that sorry to all I am quite busy lately... Stalker_0 I think you have some skins for me to work with...(?). Dude send me a email or something when you`re looking for me...Will be much easier... Ok so I guess I`ll try to catch u on msn, or check my inbox for instructions or whatever...?? All right then have a good one, all of u! Cheers,
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