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  1. Heh heh nice my buddy SZ. I know the feeling... If it can help you choose a model/brand, you know Dell has a no dead pixel warranty do you? So far so good with my 2407WFP The cool thing with the rotating & pivoting arm is that you can use the monitor as a tray to put drinks on when you got ladies in dah room. NOT!
  2. I am having the same problem and so does my friend. We both just formatted and installed GRAW after all other updates & drivers were installed. Result: both of us can't launch GRAW. Nothing happens. It was running well on my previous XP install right before I format, all updates were also installed on that previous XP install but the only diff was that I pathced 1.21 over 1.20. Uninstalling the mentionned Win Update did solve the problem, GRAW now starts normally. I too would feel better with a fully patched Windows Cheers,
  3. AFAIK, they are still working on the definitive color. That is why you come up with different colors when browsing the net. The bottom one seems to be the latest apparently.
  4. I run SLI and never encountered such a problem. I did have some freeze problems in the beginning but a format and freshly installed WHQL'ed drivers solved it for me...(HINT HINT) Did you check your cards' temps? Just in case... It seems the problem happens no matter what drivers you're using, so I'd suspect material failure. I remember seeing something similar, thoe without SLI setup, and it turned out the card was defective...You say you have tried without SLI enabled. Now what you want to do is try both cards separatly, without the other in the case. Remove a card and see if it still does it. If it does, switch cards in your case and see if it happens again. If it does it with only one card, you got your answer. If it does it with both cards running in single, alone in case, then I'd suspect motherboard. Maybe there is a problem with one of your PCI-E slots. If you can grab another vid card to make the test it would help too... All I can think of for now... Good luck with that,
  5. Nice effect there degamer. Would you indicate how you got this result? I would like to try, but sorta in between, slightly more yellow then yours... Cheers,
  6. Ok I completed the skin. I made the gloves a little less shiny, as slient_op suggested. They look a bit more dirty. I think it looks better. I'm having it hosted on rapidshare at the moment. Just select "Free", wait till it counts down to 0 then enter security code and "voilà !". Make sure you disable any download managers like Flashget / Getright / Download Accelerator / GoZilla! before downloading, otherwise file will be corrupt. Tech's MultiCAM v1.zip Feel free to host it on your website. Just don't modify the zip file and put credit where it belongs! Hope you like it! Cheers,
  7. Yes color is much better now Prozac! Just scale down the pattern a tiny tad and it'll be perfect!
  8. take it easy man, we are an open source mod community not a bunch of lawyers good job with those gloves lol I'm glad you take it this way. I was saying because some people go ballistic for no apparent reason these days I might have a few adjustments to make here and there and then I'll have it hosted somewhere... Thanks for your great comments. Best regards,
  9. Hi peeps, Some screenies of MY rendition of MultiCam pattern. I know DiGiTALY -TC- released his, but mine was already pretty advanced so I finished it. This is not DiGiTALY -TC-'s modified skin. It is 100% mine from scratch, got .psd to prove it. Besides, we probably used the same pictures as reference, so it does look quite the same. Notice my Oakley Tactical Assault gloves thoe... If you take a good look at both skins, you will see the differences... Here we go: Also, note how well it blends in with pretty much all environments. Screens were taken at 1280x1024 on highest settings, 16x Anisotropic Filtering, and I manually edited the .xml render file to enable high detail textures... I will release depending and feedback and requests. Cheers,
  10. Look at this. That is using some Mexican character, but the result is not bad at all. We're still waiting for confirmation on the Mod tools. Hopefully we'll get what we want, so we can personalize our GRAW... BTW, aren't you "the" DayGlow, famous Lock On forums moderator? Cheers,
  11. Looking nice so far prozac, your usual high standard. Can't wait to see the whole thing completed I'll post MY rendition of MultiCAM later Regards,
  12. Yeah, what SnowFella said ^^ He explained it better then I did But what I did say is to use the original's alpha channel. This way you won't mess up
  13. Dewey, I have no clue how you get these latex looking like textures. Do you save your .dds in DXT5 format? If not, about time you try... But I am almost 100% certain your problem comes from your alpha layer. Look at your alpha channel. It should not be all black. Compare with the original GRAW skins for exemple. If yours is different, just copy and paste the alpha channel from the original to yours... I am currently working on skins and I have no problems at all. I save as DXT5 and my alpha channel is the exct same as the original files. Hope this helps. Cheers,
  14. Any chance you provide us with that mirror? I been looking around to find it, no luck so far. You skin really looks great man. Cheers,
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