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  1. hey now, i remember there being maps from the SOAF. can anybody point me in the right direction to download them. if i remember correctly there were two kinds of map downloads for the SOAF. in one of the mods, you had to own SOAF, i need the one that is a stand alone mod (doesn't require SOAF). is this available for download, i know the other one is here at the GR.net. thanks, Uncle_John
  2. ""If you have nvidia I think you should be safe enough, it's only the ATi folks who seem to have problems initially. Good luck - if it works on your PC you sure are in for a treat! "" yeah, it seems like they have some issues with the ATI drivers that need tweaking (although, the ATI also got a good review). i did notice there is a gamma hotkey for the nvids, but not the ATI's. now to try the power stip program. Uncle John
  3. ""I use 100 percent stereo"" what does this mean? 100hz for the stereo refresh? also what about the anti-aliasing, application preference? also don't you find the gamma to be a bit too dark. i could barely make out some things on rainy, and night maps. ""Anywho... luv em & well worth it."" maybe it's just me not having the settings right. even after things look clear, it's still just not right. i take glasses off, and align vertical gap. i will mess with settings one more time, i still feel like there are issues with the drivers though (my ctrl-F7 doesn't work), and i am unable to unistall them. oh well. happy holidays Ghost Recon fans.... Uncle John
  4. Posted on Dec 22 2003, 22:23 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Do you use a CRT or TFT monitor? Bear in mind that they will only function on the former. yes, i have a standard Dell 19' CRT Monitor. i definately made sure before hand. and what is a TFT monitor? do you mean a flat panel display? UJ
  5. ok, i got my 3-D glasses the other day, and i must say i am not impressed at all. i am sorry, but unless my glasses are not working correctly (which i still think they may not be), i don't see what the big hype is about. i have heard they worked great with Ghost Recon (of course), so I went right into it. After enabling the 3-D i thought to myself, self, the gamma is way too dark, and after properly adjusting the hotkeys, game menus, and reticule, and the two boxes in the lower corners of the screen were not totally clear. While I thought I saw true 3-D at one point in GR, i only experienced this that one time only. It was in the Polling Center (a fav. GR map), and it was like I could actually reach out and touch them, true 3-D. Although I can see a little depth like in bushes, and some other things, it's just not what i expected. after several calls from tech support, he was convinced that the glasses were working properly, but I am not impressed with them. Too many issues with too many games. Madden 2004 looked horrible with no 3-D depth at all, GR looked less than fair, and the only game i was even a little bit impressed with was Freelancer Demo. I was able to see some depth in FL demo. There was a part of the intro where a space ship blows up, and there are alls these pieces flying towards you, and they just didn't jump out at me like they should have in true 3-D form. I remember going to see Jaws 3-D in the movies with the 3-D glasses, and thought it was so cool how the spear looked liked it was coming right for your head, or when the fish were swimming around, and looked like they were right there in front of you. I just didn't get that from the glasses. I also noticed gamma is too dark with 3-D enabled, and there is no hotkey to adjust the gamma, and the game gamma doesn't change anything with 3-D activated. I think they are on the right track with these glasses, but i also feel they have a lot of fine tuning that still needs to be done. they also need some work on the drivers I read in an earlier post about the glasses where somebody said they actually found themselves moving their head to avoid trees, that's just not happening, images are just not jumping out at me. I am returning my specs to edimensional. if anybody had similar problems, i would love to hear from you if you were able to make it happen. i have done everything i think that i can, and am giving up for now. Uncle John
  6. yes, i had to go into the properties, and switch to 4 speaker setting. i had an extra pair of speaker with a subwoof. that i wasn't using, so i decided to put them to use. nice full sound now.... UJ
  7. does anybody know if you are able to run 2 different sets of speaks using the soundblaster live value? it has like 5 holes in the back of the card, and i can't seem to get a second set of speakers working properly. Uncle John
  8. does anybody that have this card, recomend the Rage tweaker? UJ
  9. i just got the Radeon 9800 Pro 128 meg card. i don't understand, i am getting same fps with this card, than i was getting with my Nvidia FX 5200 128 meg. from some of the other posts that i have read, i should be getting better fps than 30-40, and 40-50 with toggle trees off. i am running 1ghz PIII, with 512rdram, so i don't know what's up. if this is the case, i will just keep my old 5200.... UJ
  10. should you re-install the game after putting in a new video card? UJ
  11. sorry for posting in wrong forum again. i thought this might be considered a tech. question. UJ
  12. anybody know what power watts are required for this card, and how to tell what watts your system is running? thanks, unclejohn
  13. no, i don't know how many watts my PC is. how do you find out, and what do i need to run this card? I have a Dell Computer, that isn't too old. I am running at 1GHZ processor speed, but unaware of my wattage... uncle john
  14. Dark Ranger, thanks so much for the info on the 9800. i can't wait for the card to arrive. i used to be a big fan of Nvidia as well, and this will also be my first ATI product. my sytem is running at 1ghz, and 512 rdram, so hopefully i should be good to go. i feel the video was really the only thing holding me back. GR is a hog on memory, and graphics. my next step is to enter the GR world in 3-D. all of the reviews i have read on the Wireless E-D Glasses, have been very intriguing.
  15. i am awaiting my new Radeon 9800 pro 128 meg card, and was wondering if this card can handle all that GR has to throw at it? the specs looked really nice on this card, although not as nice as the 256 meg card, but oh well. i recently upgraded my card to a gefroce fx 5200 128 meg card, and wasn't impressed with it's performance at all. thanks in advance... uncle john
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