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  1. I've seen that picture of the M4 before. Its either photoshopped or just plain dumb. The guy's got scopes looking into flashlights and stuff it looks like. Its airsoft though so meh .
  2. Sweeet. BTW i dunno how many people do this but I found that the mod integrates flawlessly with standard upgrade and the M16A4 mod. Maybe its just me but I like to have as many options as possible.
  3. sorry to keep complaining but can the holo sight be redone so it displays properly on Macs? Its a channeling issue. Everything else translated over fine.
  4. The alpha channelling for the Holo sight needs to be made mac friendly. Otherwise its sweet I found myself stuck to playing [GR] nonstop again like the old days.
  5. The green is hardcoded but I think someone mentioned before that if you changed the way the nv mask colors showed so it mixed with the green it could come out grey. I don't see why it isn't possible just someone has to sit there and play around with the textures. Theres another thread about this somewhere around here...
  6. Wouldn't the texture keep looping though? for example an expanding blood stain (I don't know if thats what you actually had in mind) but wouldnt it just expand and then the animation start over again?
  7. Loot

    VIP maps

    LOL now you all know how it feels when Mac users get .exe-packaged mods. Only thing is there is no work around for those. I need to check out these maps...
  8. That is a damn good idea sup... Exactly how were you planning on implementing it?
  9. LOL how cool would it be to have monkey's and pig's and stuff as NPC's that you could shoot
  10. You never know, Bungie released the source code to the public for Marathon just in the last year or so (Marathon was a doom-style game for Mac, except much better than doom ) Maybe years from now when Ghost Recon is long forgotten by most people, the developers will release the source code. Then again seeing as how RSE is under greedy Ubisoft its probably not likely. Just my 2c.
  11. Thanks Snow.As allways we mac users appreciate the extra effort.Plus I'm REALLY looking forward to this one. ← Billy just about summed it up for me as well.
  12. So is this going to be a Mac compatible mod? Because the weapons mod was a zipped up .exe which can't be used by Macs.
  13. I'm by no means an expert, but I'd think in a tactical situation a well trained person wouldn't even really need their sights they'd just kind of point and shoot. Of course that'd be something that comes with very very extensive training. Any way I look at it the back sight being so far forwards seems kind of a moot point but hey its all up to the creator I don't know jack about modelling.
  14. The different textures don't work for me. I'll look into it at least the guns have working textures for Mac now.
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