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  1. Basically, I was just thinking about making a "twin" of a charecter and outfitting it with my own kits, but changing the stats would be a nice option.
  2. I was wondering if there was a way to take an existing gr charecter and modify to use as your own? I've figured out how to make the kits I like, but my limited abilities makes the process of skinning a new charecter seem kind of overwhelming.Would it be possible to just rename an cha already in gr and use that?
  3. thanks for the input. when I typed a.p. I was thinking anti-personnel ,the 40 mm buckshot rounds used to bust up ambushes and similar situations.
  4. Has anyone tried making different 40mm round yet? I was thinking flares,smoke and a.p. rounds would be nice additions.
  5. I'm looking for a good shotgun mod with some old standards like a remmington 1100 or a winchester defender.I'd appreciate any suggestions. thanks
  6. Fantasy?? I wasn't aware that the 1870's western era {easily one of the most important decades in U.S. history} was fantasy.There's a wealth of possibilities for a talented modder{which I'm not} cattle wars ,Indian wars ,bandit gangs,and railroad expansion just to name a few. As far as it not being suited to Ghost Recon,thats nonsense the game was built to showcase small unit tactics and personal weapons not armor and helo's.
  7. Has anyone ever made a western flavored mod say circa 1870's?If not does anyone else think its a good idea?
  8. thanks for the tip it worked great.
  9. I was wondering if any one could suggest a kit mod that'll work in island thunder campaign mode.I've tried abyss's kit creator and I'm not having much luck,every time I scroll to where the new kit should be the game shuts down. what I'm looking for is to add an smg or m-4 to the sr25sd. thanks for any help.
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