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  1. thanx for the info, tho it is a shame that this kind of thing still happens
  2. having windows messenger enabled allows popups to be sent to your pc, its somthing microsoft left in but its easily disabled in xp
  3. looks good man keep it up !!
  4. running the latest omega drivers based on the cat 4.2's at 6x AA and 16x AF i average between 120 and 250
  5. upcoming DC mod for bf42 will have these helo's, at the moment we are eagerly awaiting them
  6. is that for the who dares wins mod ? if so im eagerly awaiting this
  7. id agree dm and so on has no real tactics but onslaught definitly is a team based game with a need for good tactics
  8. i agree with you WK, as many others that started playing GR when it first came out we were barely able to run it at all and now 3 years later to finaly see it everything maxed and high fps has turned this into a fresh game for me, and tho i agree anything above 60 or 70 fps might not be noticed by the average human eye, it does feel good to see an average of 100fps on most maps specialy with shadows on, i run my monitor at 85hz it seems the smoothest for my setup and to be honest ive seen no IQ loss by disabling vertical sync but even with it turned on an average of 85fps is still leagues ahead of what i was getting with the rig i had when GR was released
  9. yes it sure is man u have to try assault or onslaught plenty of vehicles and damm smooth graphics
  10. im not sure ive basicly been playing onslaught, but i havent seen any map with that name
  11. id be interested in any benchies u do bud, i almost got the xt myself then stuck with the pro
  12. i hear ya it sure runs sweet, this is a definite buy
  13. oh i hear ya there makes some of these games look totaly new
  14. ty WK showed up that time , so how u liking the new gear ?
  15. The project id is not valid - it is possible that this project has not been published. Please check the URL. hey WK can u post the link to your 03 scores plz
  16. lots of new games including UT2004 will have the option of shipping on dvd roms and it makes sense a game that fits on 6 cd's will fit on 2 dvd roms, i expect as games get larger and more complex that this will be the norm
  17. i know what u mean bf42\DC has this exact thing and a sniper using binocs can call in artillery either ac130 ginship or mobile artillery, it definitly is a good feature
  18. personaly i think everything u picked there including the maxtor drive will suit you fine, BTW i have the same mobo and love it. dont use an ECS mobo buy the msi nforce2 and it will give u plenty of ram and cpu upgradability plus dual channel ram and decent speeds
  19. disbaling tree movement is a cheat ??
  20. that is great news thanx to everyone that stood up
  21. @ 209mb it isnt that big of a download but apparently comes with 6 maps http://www.unrealtournament.com/index.php
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