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  1. i dont believe in running stolen work and i welcome this kind of tool, it isnt invasive at all u know going in what it does there is no surprises
  2. u can try searching your hd for via drivers then, but to be totaly honest the best results youl see are with a fresh format and if u can get rid of that virus that is ME
  3. u can try, what was the chipset of your old mobo ?, i still prefer a fresh format with a new setup there is just too many variables that can cause issues
  4. im guessing that u didnt format when u built this new pc ? if not you are probaly missing the chipset drivers or have a corruption left over from your old mobo drivers
  5. I dont know about crushed im used to games not being released ontime and as i beta test quite a few games each year im usualy not worrying about release dates till ive got the time to worry
  6. i also recieved the same email hope we get in guys
  7. oh i agree i love my 9800 pro, but if i ever go back to nvidia the only brand i will trust is MSI personal opinion
  8. every nvidia card ive owned has been made by MSI i trust their products, they always go the full hog with equipment and software
  9. another review of this game http://www.nvnews.net/articles/x2_the_threat/
  10. have u tried reinstaling the video card drivers ?
  11. ive been using the X2 rolling threat benchmark for awhile now didnt realise a demo had been released
  12. better beer, better coffee and a lousy government
  13. uninstal the cat driver and instal the cat 4,2's or the omega 4.2s and give that a shot, u can also go into your opengl tab in the driver settings and enable 24 bit z buffer and enable triple buffering, thats under opengl in compatibility mode. MOHAA runs great on my 9800 pro under those settings
  14. www.pcpitstop.com attempt to do a full system scan and see what it turns up, other than that run an app like adaware and check for spyware. if u have an app like speedfan then check temps and voltages, depending on what u find there turn off the pc and remove the side panel and visialy check for dust or any obvious issues, next power up pc with case open and check for all fans spinning. if its none of those mentioned post back and we will try somthing else
  15. if u can afford a 9600 xt then save a couple of pennies more and grab a 9800 non pro or a pro the price diference between a 9600 pro and xt isnt worth the small increase in gaming power IMHO
  16. sorry to hear about your continuing bad luck bud, hopefully your back up and running soon
  17. u said u put a new video card in , were u using onboard before ? did u disable onboard video in bios and what is the new video card ?
  18. did u reinstall GR after the upgrade if not then a fresh isntal is the way to go
  19. check that amd forum i sent u too they have a cpu thread too all your questions will be answered there ps thats a good standard score bud not overclocked
  20. heres a good forum for u its an asus specific one that will answer many of your questions for setting that mobo up, the rest of the forum will help u with many other tweak questions u may have. http://forums.amdmb.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=8 btw nice system, also go to www.pcpitstop.com run a full system scan post your results in the forum there and you will also get some good suggestions. ps upgrading to xp would also be a good finishing touch to an uber system like that
  21. dont worry about it Rocky, pci express will be slow to take hold and agp cards will be around a long time yet. there is no benefit to switching toi pci expresss till its mainstream and any hyped performance gains are proved
  22. u heathen u, consider yourself slapped with my gauntlet
  23. I have to agree with WK here Rocky if u can try for atleast a non ultra
  24. i understand your feelings but personaly what else could BAD do ? if a member of a team is accused of cheating and there is proof or a indication that he has cheated then im afraid it taints the whole team.
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