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  1. grab the 128 9800 pro u wont regret it
  2. ive been using the logitech optical wheel mouse for almost 5 years now i love them for gaming and the ability to work thru all my mouse pad grunge
  3. actualy it wasnt a bad card my kids played UT and GR with it, the only reason i even replaced it was that it wouldnt play earth and beyond all that well but its still running in my neighbours kid's pc
  4. funny enough i just gave the exact same card to my neighbours kid
  5. you first need to make sure u have no residual Nvidia drivers left over ive seen this many times u cant just uninstal the Nvidia drivers u need to download a cab and driver cleaner to get rid of all the pesky fragments, its not the same as upgrading to a newer Nvidia card u changed camps, some ppl actualy format to solve this just go to www.driverheaven.net and dl driver cleaner 2 that should fix your issues
  6. while i understand that not everyone can afford a mid to high end pc i for one want to see games fully fleshed out and for once would realy like game developers to use all my systems features and power before they tell me its obsolete
  7. yeah she does, apart from being a damm good UT player shes also played GR since day one amongst other games
  8. well till recently i also ran an MSI gf4 ti 4200 and the last drivers i ran was probaly in the high 40's and never had any issues, my wife is running an MSI gf3 ti 128 and shes running the same drivers as u playing GR amongst other titles including UT04 and farcry demos
  9. what do u mean by teh latest drivers which versions ? if your using the 60 series leaked beta drivers then many ppl are having issues those newer drievrs were written for the nv40 and not realy optimised for gf4 or earlier cards
  10. absolute crap that u have the privilege of paying for, oh and the graphics are crap too but anyway try the trial dont pay for it
  11. i personaly love my chieftech dragon full tower case 5 fans and a decent psu plus a window, handles and locks plus quick release bays and cdroms
  12. i just use MSN explorer that comes with xp plays movies and sound files without needing another app to open
  13. im getting to the stage where i dont want this beta to end im having a blast in this game, i will definitly be buying it
  14. i just want to add that the mp demo u guys have seen is in no way a true indication of the full game. Once the beta test is finished im sure u will see an optimized demo
  15. running it on the Omega 4.3 drivers with no issues so far tho joining a server was a lesson in itself i hosted my own and had no issues some screenies i took http://www.unknowenemy.net/forums/index.ph...st=0entry5739
  16. they will kill of the 5900 xt to boost 5700 sales specialy the new ddr3 ones, apparently the 5900xt while a similar price performs better and is being snapped up a lot quicker than the 5700's. ATI did this with the 9500 series so its to be expected if one card outshadows another
  17. it could be any number of reasons but as its under warranty id take it to your nearest registered service tech and let them fix it under warranty. any advice i can give u involves opening the case which if its stickered will void your warranty, if u have a serious issue u want the warranty
  18. as of 9am pst Nvidia is hosting the joint ops typhoon rising mp demo at their nzone site grab it while u can
  19. i dont believe they are willing to put the time and money into a whole new engine, if they did id expect it to take another two years to release, im basing this on the fact GR2 wasnt mentioned in any financual reports or press releases and no new games being worked on using a new inhouse engine. I think its safe to say that they will take the easy cheaper route and use a 3rd party engine, what remains is to see if they balls it up
  20. btw on a small side note the new unreal 3 engine was shown at cebit running on an Nv40, and was so amazing it put cryteks engine to shame
  21. ya i just saw that review and tho they are pretty tight lipped and nos creenies were posted it does show promise
  22. i thought all 9800 xt cards were 256 ram on a 256 memory bus , if so this could be similar to the pro range where u have 128 bit and 256 or simply a 9800xt core on a 9800 pro pcb
  23. yes i do realise how much, but as soon as that other ram is returned youl be ok
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