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  1. quick question for you did u make sure youd totaly uninstaled the old video card drivers first ? when you reboot press delete at post and that should take u into bios go thru all the menus till u find agp aperature
  2. I hear ya but id guess its a simple mix of a driver issue and the card being slightly knackered after a boom mission. the forceware driver while able to work with most nvidia cards are only optimised for the gf4 ti and fx range, and a gf4 mx is realy a gf2 chip right so stepping back to an older driver might help, plus 512 of ram certainly wont hurt. the best driver for a gf4 mx under xp i ever used was the 29.42 driver but that was over a year ago
  3. u dont need a refresh fix ,with that vid card u should be getting higher framerates, what driver version are you running and what video card did u have before u purchased this card?. i ran the same card with a cpu not much bigger than yours @ 1024x768 85hz, i suspect its a software issue more than anything. try running a full systems can at www.pcpitstop.com and see if it shows up any problems. another thing to check is that your agp aperture is set to atleast 64 bit
  4. thats excellent Crimson good results and temps
  5. http://forums.amdmb.com/showthread.php?threadid=293432 my wife is running a gigabyte ga-7vax kt400 mobo and a tbred 2600 with 512 pc2700 ram gf3 ti 200 and sb live 60 gig maxtor nothing fancy cheap to build and stable, usualy scores an average of 1260 on pcpitstop.com. after doing my usual forum lurk this morning i found this link to a 4.51 via pro driver and after reading some posted results i thought id give them a try well i must say im totaly surprised her new score is 1662 absolutley beats my pc into submission and totaly stable too
  6. ahh ok wasnt sure if it was a savage card or not, if the latest via hyperion drivers dont fix it there is a via patch work around for this issue tho im not sure if its meant for onboard video or an add in card
  7. ive had it happen a couple of times before, first time was my video card was a tad warm after a boom mission, the second reason was a driver that didnt agree with my card and id either get a black debrief screen or a crash to desktop after a game quit. btw that was on a gf2 mx, WH and a few others i know have got that running the newer 53.03 forceware driver after a specialy intense mission
  8. as Dannik said it could be a last gasp of a video card, but ive seen this same issue in some games IE ut2003 and its a combination of via drivers and video card drivers. now i have no idea if your running a via chipset in that pc or not, but if you can include your full system specs and the make and model of your mobo then we can try and help. is this an agp or pci card, when was the last time u updated any drivers ssytem and hardware wise ?
  9. how long have u been running xp ? u are on the low end for xp to run stable, no offense meant just that xp is a resource hog and running with a 660mhz cpu and 256 ram doesnt help stability, can u add another 128 or 256 ram ? did u try service pack 1 A ?, i agree with WhiteKnight u need the latest chipset drivers from viaarena and possibly try diferent ATI drivers
  10. round cables made a big temp diference in mine tho i still have some serious wire tidying up to do its getting there had to make a loom for my second psu and connect all my fans to it and havent got around to hiding the wiring yet
  11. your as bad as me, i just bought extra ends and chopped my long cable up into 4 shorter ones
  12. woot excelent bud, now youve been bitten by the tweak bud
  13. yes u can its compatible with all software, tho sposed to come into its own once 64 bit software is available
  14. kickass system may you both be happy for many months to come
  15. that forum is my bible full of great info and many ideas
  16. man i loved the space hulk game(warhammer) on the panasonic 3do , always loved the lore around the armour and the way it was passed down from generation to generation, id definitly play this mod
  17. ya i forgot about that thread lol, anyways a lap on that hsf will drop u some your temps a bit more tho 52c isnt too high its still a bit higher than i like to run but good job play it safe
  18. sweet glad it was a help, if your temps go any higher u could invest in some arctic silver 3 or 5 and do a nice lap on your hsf and drop a few degrees and of course add a few more case fans
  19. u need to add an ip to join a game either check the forum games room for posted ip addies or dl the all seeing eye that will give u a list of gr games
  20. http://forums.amdmb.com/forumdisplay.php?forumid=4 try here bro youl see many forums with all the info youl ever need
  21. @phantom i tear and tweak my pc down all the time cos i have a sickness its as simple as that when the time comes to waste some tangos or any other chores my pc is up and ready . ive ran sis and via and nforce and believe me intel chipsets have also had their share of issues, 90% or all issues posted at forums are user error or hardware compatibility issues simple as that having said that yes u are correct im a gamer pure and simple but my wife and kids pc's are used for many other things other than gaming, my wifes pc for instance doesnt have a stack of cooling or a fancy hsf and shes running a tbred 2600+ on a gigabyte kt400a with no issues at all and her pc is left on 24/7 this is the same as nvidia versus ATI there is no one answer and no u dont need fire insurance with AMD btw the new cray super pc's are4 amd powered now i think they need stability
  22. snakebite1967


    whats wrong with ppl from Ontario lol, i dont realy think that these fine young men are the top of their respective gene pools where ever they are from
  23. actualy Phantom the new intels run at comparable temps to the high end AMD chips that argument isnt valid anymore, i run 3 AMD systems all day and every day no heat issues at all. first off they dont catch fire and they dont melt if they get too hot all newer AMD mobo's have temp sensors that shut your pc down should a cooling fan fail btw my 2700 runs all day at 36c and 42c under a heavy load as for chipsets and drivers ive never had a problem my pc never crashes while enduring massive GR fragfests either sis or via or nforce2, the only problem AMD and indeed Intel has is the part that sits between the chair and the keyboard if you check the tables for the wattage created by both chips in heat youl see they are even. the only main diference is that intel quad pumps its fsb and AMD double pumps and that AMD does 9 tasks for Intels 6 per cycle. if u want a work station that somtimes games then by all means buy an Intel if u want a good stable gaming system that ahs plenty of power and the ability to upgrade cheaply without swapping a mobo everytime u want a new chip then buy AMD
  24. Cost/performance ratio, and upgrade path AMD
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