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  1. I literally bought the HD on May 1st, man. It doesnt need defragging

    Sorry that just made me laugh, no offense meant but as soona s u instal anything on a hd it will need defragging heck even starting a game will frag a HD.

    I go a tad overboard myself but i run voptxp every night and defrag all my hd's takes 2 mins for each, but for sure right after u instal a game id defrag before u run it.

  2. Winnie 3000+

    Gigabytenforce 3 ultra

    gig of kingston pc 3200

    ATI X800xl

    Audigy 2 ZS

    Game runs great for me @ 1280x1024x85hz everything max ive seen it drop to 20fps but didnt notice any stuttering or slow mo problems.

    Ill be buying this for sure just maybe a bigger cpu is needed, overall im loving it some of the old crew and i have been playing it with Hamachi without any real issues Novaman infact ahs it running quite well on a Barton 2500/9600pro

  3. ive had the same issue on and off ever since i switched to an Nforce 2 mobo and Audigy 1, many forums are full of issues like this.

    after trying dozens of posted fixes i eventualy tracked it down to my keyboard and onboard nic, in my case going to a USB keyboard and a pci nic card solved the issue, even tho i had no irq conflicts and had messed with latencies

  4. I dont know how accurate this is but i seem to remember reading off a russian site that US tanks were taking damage from a single RPG round hit right behind the tracks,apparently the armour is weakest there and an RPG can penetrate into the cab area.

    As i said i might be wrong and offhand cant back that up with an article but i did read and see several Photo's displaying this

  5. First off go to www.driverheaven.net and dl driver cleaner then uninstal all ATI drivers u can find, reboot in safe mode run driver cleaner and in tools cab cleaner once youve deleted all referrances to ATI reboot.

    Cancel auto instal of windows drivers, then instal your choice of driver i personaly only use Omega drivers 25.90 and up.

    Any more info i can give let me know.

    Never over instal drivers make it a habit to totaly uninstal the old ones first.

  6. I do run norton system works 2003 and a NAT firewall thru my router, i use adare SE and spyware blaster and usualy am fine but recently i got a virus thru a game site link and if my Norton hadnt caught and deleted it i may well have ahd issues.

    If u arent as pc or web savvy as some here then always run a good AV app and keep it up to date

  7. Using xp ? ther eis any number of tweaks that will lower ram usage but the best thing u can do is get rid of the pretty XP looking task bar and get rid of any desktop and task bar icons u dont use every day, i personaly hate desktop icons and i prefer to have as much ram free as possible.

    No games today realy need mroe than 512 so a gig of pc 3200 in that system is kick ass i wouldnt worry about it

  8. If the pc runs unstable with the 3rd ram chip in then simply dont use it that system is kick ass already and i highly doubt another 512 will make much diference unless you are heavily into memory intensive apps.

    Try selling the spare chip and saving for either another 512 or 1024 chip and go from there

  9. as i said they are pc 3200 ddr sticks 200mhz double pumped gives u 400 fsb or if your running a 64 bit quad pumped for 800 fsb there is still no way youl get a 133 stick running at those speeds, also if its an AMD system and has dual ram mode youl not be stable at all u need to run the cpu and ram at 1.1 even speeds.

    @ 200 MHz 3.0-3-3-8 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

    @ 200 MHz 2.5-3-3-8 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS)

    @ 133 MHz 2.0-2-2-6 (CL-RCD-RP-RAS) this one isnt pc 3200

    Judging from the specs the generic ram u have differs from each other slightly anyway id sell the 133 chip and buy another 512 pc 3200 unless your running dual mode in which case u need to have two matched chips not three

  10. the X800XL is competing with the 6800 GT and beats it in quite a few tests plus its $100 on average cheaper.

    Id wait until spring time unless u need a card now if so then a 128/256 9800 pro is your best bang for the buck, if u can wait then either a 6800 gt or X800XL will be the better choices and both will be available by spring in agp and pcie

  11. battle field 2 is being written by the guys that brought u the DC mod for bf42, EA finaly leanrt somthing and hired a damm good modding team to make the game rather than release another POS like BF Vietnam

  12. i play paintball with the company i work with im presently upgrading my Tippman custom 98, all in all a good rugged outdoors marker

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