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  1. Demo : M4/frags Support : M60/frags Rifle : M16/ ammo sniper : M24/9mm
  2. I never seen a locked door either in any of the maps. Did hear a rumor of one in an IT map though. Maby locked doors were another last min cut from the game.
  3. Looking good guys. Might want to check these two sites out... Texas Tactical Police Officers Association : http://www.ttpoa.org Virginia Tactical Police Association : http://www.vatacticalpolice.org/index2.html Both sites are great, with alot of nice pics and links to other state sites. This one cought my eye, awsome uni...
  4. Dont really like the idea of jumping, even if there is a restriction people are still going to try and doge fire. Bunnyhoppers Would be funny to see Munz jump though hehehe... But considering all the gear that the Ghost wear, even if they could manage to jump, I doubt it would be high enough to be of any use.
  5. RVS feels like R6 to me.... im happy they used the engine, and I would be happy if RSE used it for GR2 also, but thats me. Anyway, back on the subject. Havent read the first page of this topic, but has anyone thought of iron sights yet? I feel since being a long range fighting game, iron sights would add to the realism of the game instead of just seeing a reticule get larger and the screen zoom in for aiming. Felt great in AA, adds a bit of challange to aiming also. Although it might take time to "adapt" from a reticule to it.
  6. ....from a monkey wearing a little green dress...
  7. Do you have any specific reason for posting this in the IT forem ? If you do ill leave it, but if your asking for help ill go ahead and move it to a better forem.
  8. Well ain't that somthing, heh. Maby there talking about the ghost knees.... they do look strong... Not that I was looking or anyth....... nevermind....
  9. How about the game be about the Ghost enjoying a vacation instead of saving the world every other day. Id like to see more woodland maps, like the GR mission 1 map and wilderness. DS had no trees (almost)... IT you didnt need trees due to all that fog... Nothing was like sneaking through all the bushes and trees just to sneak up on that punk in the bunker looking for ya. Then coming under fire and hearing the smacking of bullets hitting em all around you. So sweet...
  10. *sigh*........ Im to tired to even make a comeback. Pyro..... you win this time..... but -1 cool point off your record. You ######
  11. Didnt read all the pages, so dont sue me if I repeat some things. Make the 9mm standerd gear, like binoculars, thats my #1 really, thats why its bold, hehe. Better AI, but I dont really see the point in saying this since we all know its going to be better anyway. Diffrent means of getting out of that chopper. Longer range fighting, I mean it makes me maddish when im standing in the open and a baddie still cant ###### see me, and my boys cant see him. And this is a wild stretch but, prehaps 8 guys? I just want another MG with me, I ussaly have just 1 in the group.
  12. Sart

    Online List

    Hmmmm.... its "ok"...... try a hint of blue.
  13. There scripted to do that me thinks. Would be nice if the freindlies did shoot the tanks though...
  14. Pff god knows how I came up with this, probly due to my crap typing/spelling. Ive been asked alot though, and the responce is always a short but sweet "I dunno". Seems everyone always spells it "Sartilles" without the other i. Funny really, ive seen it spelled like that in a bunch of threads. Cant blame em though, if I dont even know how I got it, im shure not going to blame anyone for spelling it wrong.
  15. Well before the old forems went down, I remeber getting just over 1000, 1008 me thinks. But to be honest, I dont care about my post count and never will. Shure shure, people say they help show who has been around, but like T said, everyone already knows who the active guys are. Im really more of a "Dont care" person. Bring em back? Eh... cool. Dont bring em back? Eh... cool. If I had to choose though... nah... screw em. Ok, now when is the pizza get'n here...
  16. Sart


    Looks like neat feature, but if you limit it down to a small group, its going to be a pretty dry calender, at least I would think... I could see modders using it alot, posting beta or mod releases. Cant really see it getting out of hand, unless it gets turned into "I go to the docter" posts, but I doubt/hope people are really not that board.
  17. 1.11%, I must be a noob These new smilies rock, love the sarcasm one.
  18. Sart


    Man sweet new forem, reminds me off the old one, but with more do-dads and what nots. Oh great a sarcasm smlie, thats really usefull (Some sarcasm to go along.)
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