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  1. That's a shame, I had high hopes for this game. I still think that flashpoint 1 is the best combat game out there, except maybe arma2 but I haven't played that yet. I still haven't played the demo for [OFP: DR] so ill keep my fingers crossed, but ALOT of people seem upset.
  2. - Game - TS Me, Pave, and 2nd Ranger on now, no mods.
  3. It was a lot better than I thought it would be. I'm really surprised.
  4. "The Condemned"... starring Steve Austin... oh boy.
  5. Saw it the other day. Thought it was pretty good, better than the third one at least. Hope the new Jones can make the hype.
  6. Terrorism is a risk to our lives. Mad cow is a risk to our food. Never mess with an American's steak.
  7. Couple shots from the last few games.
  8. Sart

    The Xbox 360 sucks

    Everclear + Redbull + 360 + Gears Of War = An interesing Friday night. That and the PS3 is like $600, screw that.
  9. I made this for the forum. I hope you enjoy it.
  10. Most, if not all of that stuff, is standard issue with the rifle. The days of ironsights and A2's are over.
  11. It was in a recent interview, they said the characters drop all their gear when they enter the water. Looks like its just a survival thing rather then a swim around deal. The modders will have that fixed in a week though.
  12. The horror. Editor - Double click on vehicle of your choice. Select "Locked". Congratulations, no more player controlled vehicles. The Vulcan and M4 are both on the American side, so let's pretend you meant a Shilka. Now, you could use a LAW. Or an RPG. Or a Carl Gustav. Or an AT4. Or a demo charge. Or an AA rocket. But just for the hey, lets say none of those existed, since we pack the M4 only kit. Elitez. Flashpoint, being a game, (Unlike the HIGHLY REALISTIC ULTRA SIMULATOR GR) lets you compromise for a lack of AT/AA weaponry (Never mind the fact your comrades and enemies carry them around all the time). This compromise being a ton of grenades. I’ve taken out T80s with simple hand grenades many times in MP, a lot of them, but still hand grenades non the less. If you run out of hand grenades, your just trying to lose. As for getting shot "a mile away", cover works well for that. Until you realize you can remove them in under two minutes via the editor. Tanks are garbage in towns, and helicopters cant touch you in the forest. Both are scattered all about the islands.
  13. I would love a game of GR, it's been a good while. Perhaps the realism mod so I don't get shot in the face.
  14. SWAT 4 box... but Raven Shield on the screen?
  15. I got this new laptop, an HP, and I love it. Now I just need to get GR and OFP send here from home and i'll be set, heh. Anyway its able to get wireless but I have no idea on were to begin on how to get it set up and connect to the internet. Not that great with computers. Its got a modem but is there anything else I need to buy (like USB attachments) to connect? Then what? Im stumped!
  16. SEAL Team is one of the best, if you can get the sucker to run that is.
  17. Hidden? There was extra missions? Was that with the Delta operators? How do I get to it? I'm on PC, not Xbox. thanks ← Its console only I think. If not, then the cheat you enter is "HA2P1PY9TUR5TLE" IGN has some stuff about it here. It's five or six extra missions. You can set various options, like if civilians are friendly or not, the number of enemies, how aggressive they are, wind direction, speed, how well trained your guys are, ROE, etc... a lot more stuff than the game. Clearing houses and going up stairs is one of the best features though. Just because your guys or the enemies are behind cover doesn't mean they are safe, it becomes more of a competition on who has the most firepower. The civilians get a tad annoying though. They keep calling me a "Capitalist pig". Ordering your guys to fire in the air scares them off good...
  18. FSW was great, although really straight forward. Hope the new one is a lot more open. The hidden Army version was a blast. The system you could use to clear houses was put together well.
  19. Prize we stole from the enemy. Looks great. APC Feathered friend Nam Pig... no, not the gun. VC Ranger with stolen US rifle.
  20. I don't like posts that look like some Internet chat room. "u", "cuz", stuff like that. I can't stand when someone post, say, three photos, then someone else quotes them... and the three photos. I can't stand pointless one emoticon posts. " " I can't stand emoticon battles. " " I don't like signatures, thank god for the "turn off" feature. I HATE CAPS. I hate fancy names "-=:~Di$a$terMa$ter~:=-" I hate "LOL!" replies. Sorry. Anyway, I'm a forum stalker. I check the currently online thing a lot.
  21. A poster comes with this strategy guide I believe - http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/097...9767352-1874356
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