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  1. I don't think that trailer could have been any more cheesy.
  2. Holy crap clean out your inbox

  3. Just got it, love it. Well worth the $10. I love how they outfitted the untis for every map, camo wise. BIS did a really good job with this. I hope they have more planned for the future.
  4. Saw it last night. It was way over the top, just the way it should be. I loved it. It was pretty much advertised from the start that it wasn't about story or character development, just explosions and gun fire, and it turned out great for what it was aiming to be. It was also the first movie ive seen in a good while where the crowd really got into it and had a lot of fun. A lot of cheers and claps when the howitzer shell got shot.
  5. Bunch of new info and a few new pics up. Click me

  7. I'd rather watch that then another crappy Bourne movie.
  8. I haven't played GRAW or GRAW2 yet. But going off GR1 and GR2... Add - Randomize the enemy. The enemy placement, numbers, weapons, behavior etc... I can't even enjoy GR1 co-op for very long anymore because I know where every bad guy on every map is, and so does everyone I play with. It feels like im cheating. Removed - The personality in the characters. I like the random John Doe's of GR1. Even better when the patch came and I could name them whatever I wanted. Even the specialist you unlock still had a "unknown" feel to them. Then GR2 came and they started giving me guys with ridiculous uniforms and one liners that would make Seagal go crazy.
  9. Ive tried to avoid complaining about previews but wow... What next? Maybe the Ghosts can team up with the Gears Of War crew and fight some generic anti-government Russian force on planet Sera. Ghosts of War, GOTY baby.
  10. That is so true. I hate how they turned the BOS into a bunch of peace loving hippies. Metro looks pretty cool, I really liked the trailer.
  11. Played a couple weeks ago, did some co-op. Some of the old missions are still fun, even if you know all the bad guy placements. M03 is still hard.
  12. I bought Dead Space and could not play it because I didn't have an internet connection for about a month after moving. Which was great because that very morning I woke up and told myself I felt $60 too heavy.
  13. I'm thirsty, where's my phone...
  14. In next months issue of Xbox Magazine. I might buy an issue just for that!
  15. If I must pick one, I guess first person. Id rather have both (see OFP), as I like the gun fights in 1st, but enjoy seeing my own character when nothing is going on, which is cool if you can customize them in anyway. Although someone is bound to start crying "built in cheat" if it ever happend, expecially around here.
  16. Why do they need subtitles to begin with? Expecially lame ones like that. Why not just call it GHOST RECON 4?
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