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  1. Reminds me of that glitch on the Docks MP map, in [GR]. You could glitch through the red box car to the south and get a lot further down there then normal, while shooting through objects. Think they fixed it in a patch though.
  2. And what exactly are you so mad about "warrior"? I'm guessing that since your posting this on a Ghost Recon fansite and the total strangers on the internet are all you have, it's something to do with: GR not turning out how you like it. Your threads getting locked. The fact that this thread has been here for two days and you really want someone to say something. Also, saying things like Well, not to be mean or insulting, but it's just funny. There is quite a few military personnel on this website, both current and retired. Same for law enforcement. Telling everyone how "Delta Dan" you are isn't that impressive. Expecially now that I have the image of ten year old invisible "warrior" who can out shoot and ninja me to death. Hi-ya! Seriously though, it's the internet bro. Life problems are worthless here, expecially on a VIDEO GAME website.
  3. Wow, I haven't seen the arms page forever!
  4. Almost true IRL. I was smallest and weakest in our platoon, so I mainly carried my 60lbs pack and the PRC77. All the guys who bragged they can bench press carried ammo boxes or mortar base plates Haha, nice. One of my deployments years ago was as the radio guy, only I had the 117F. Radios, base plates and AT systems ain't fun to jump, thats for sure. Guess I ruined my own comment.
  5. I was trying to think of a size joke, but I can't come up with a good one. Edit - And all the asian characters work the radios.
  6. As soon as I heard "back to it's roots" my nose started bleeding.
  7. This is so stupid it's funny. That explains why the original Ghost Recon sold so poorly. Oh wait.
  8. I have no idea what is going on right now, and it's really bothering me for some reason.
  9. What in the blue hell is a laser dazzler?
  10. I gave it a 2. I'm sure it will be a good game, but the direction they took the series isn't very appealing. I've had my fill of "four men vs. the world" shooters. RIP Rainbow Six.
  11. Maybe it's like when people ask you "Holy Crap how are you master admin!?" Touché...
  12. They do make nice headsets, I got the X11 myself.
  13. A new ARMA 3 interview has come out with Ivan Buchta, the Creative Director of Bohemia Interactive. Part 1 - CLICK ME Part 2 - CLICK ME Part 3 - CLICK ME
  14. I hate that more than anything about games. Unfortunately a lot of them seem to be taking this route today. I don't want to jump on the "let's bash COD for no reason" bandwagon, but they were horrible with this. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind cutscenes here and there, but if I wanted to watch a movie I would buy one.
  15. Sart

    Server up

    Another server up IP - TS3 - Mods - Standard Upgrade & Droops Realism Mod (Got tired of getting killed)
  16. Its the hacks download page. It was kept a secret for a reason!
  17. Sart

    Server up

    Server is up, GR with DS and IT. Pave, 2R, and myself on at the moment. IP - [now finished] TS3 - [now finished]
  18. Merry Christmas! Unleash Santa emoticon! It's his one big day.
  19. Buy the BAF DLC bro, its awesome. If you wanna get some co-op going, me and 2nd Ranger play a lot.
  20. 1.55 was a real pain. Hope this fixes the LOD memory leak for good.
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