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  1. Everyone hates the war but LOVES making money off the movies. I hope this thing is a total flop. Although it won't be. Anything invloving the raid people will flock too like the idiots they are.
  2. Thank god... I thought the game broke his keyboard.
  3. Same hear. Watched it a couple weeks ago after all the Ground Branch talk got me stirred up. Shame that didn't get more support. Same here as well. Was cleaning out a few boxes of old gaming stuff and found the "making of" disc floating in there. For some reason Im hanging on to it still. I'll have to give it a watch this weekend.
  4. Yeah! Friday off!

  5. There I was, having a conversation with someone. Then I heard a strange noise behing me, similar to a large group of farm animals dying. Only it wasnt livestock being sluaghterd, it was a FREESTYLE RAP OFF between a group of local cave men. It may have been one of the funniest things I have ever seen.

  6. Pier Solar = Awesome, but the Sandworms are a PAIN.

  7. Sart was here, being fat and green.

  8. Yeeeeeaaah bought a kegerator!

  9. I'm going to attempt to quit drinking and using dip at the same time. I give it about two days before I fail.

    1. Sart


      Six hours in case anyone cared.

  10. New Alien movie = BADASS

  11. I just got home from watching this about 20 minutes ago, very fun movie to watch. Don't want to ruin anything, but that surgery scene was unbelievably cool. Heres to having do-it-yourself doctor pods by 2085!
  12. This is looking great so far. It kind of looks like SWAT and ARMA had a kid, and that kid's name was AWESOME. It has free look as well, which is something that needs to be in more FPS these days.
  13. ARMA 3 may be the GREATEST GAME EVER by the looks of it.

  14. I have a kickass farmers tan going right now.

  15. What the hell is "Just Dance", and how is there three of them?!
  16. Are the blogs down for anyone else? Or is that something that just hasn't made it over from the old version yet?
  17. Diggin the dark blue, easy on the eyes.
  18. I won a free cookie at Subway!

  19. I smell like wet dog :(

  20. Sart

    The new guys

    Just added these bad boys to my collection a few days ago... NO. BIG. DEAL.
  21. This list is flawed, Snake and his war stories didn't make the cut.
  22. ^ Like he said, anything by Turtle Beach is a good choice. The PX 21 is what my roomate uses and its great. I've got a different one I use for my PC.
  23. Her voice makes my head hurt. Seriously, who thought this was a good idea?
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