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  1. Just got the full version of ARMA 3 the other day (about time). ###### AWESOME.

  2. New screen shot released! http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/18000000/Rinzler-and-Sam-team-tron-18002156-900-1273.jpg
  3. Nice. Agreed. Add quick time [PRESS "A" TO BLOCK!!!1 OOPS TOO SLOW GAME OVER] events to the list. Whoever invented those needs to be hit over the head. Can't bother with a decent cut-scene? No problem! Just have the player bash a single button within a certain time frame to cover up the lack of story or plot development and replace it with a false sense of control. A++.

  5. ARMA 3's ALPHA release date was announced today: CLICK ME - BIS FORUMS To sum it up, you have to pay-to-play the ALPHA version. But before anyone flips, it's a pretty sweet deal. Basically if you pay now, you'll not only get access to the ALPHA, but also the BETA and the full game release. That's a rock'n deal. There is also a "ALPHA Lite" version which is free, but it appears to be invitational only, meaning someone who has a full version of the ALPHA can invite you. Anyway, BIS has a lot of different deals going on with this ALPHA release at the moment. The major things (game, editor, multiplayer, etc...) are available in all the versions. Make sure you check out the official website for more details and which package is best for you: CLICK ME - ARMA 3 WEBSITE Check out the "Play" link in the top right for all the package deals and the computer specs. needed to run the game. Also, a lot of new screen shots have been released, make sure you check them out as well. See you on the battlefield!
  6. I remember that patch... It didn't work.
  7. I'll say. The "RS" deal is back in full swing (at least for the good titles). Conspiracy theorists, rejoice! Rainbow Six Rogue Spear Raven Shield Red Sabre George Bush faked the moon landing. Also something about Elvis.
  8. Got a new TV yesterday!

  9. Look at this silly dog! http://www.reece-eu.net/stuffs/silly/silly-phone-dog.jpg
  10. Downloading Sonic Generations, hopefully Steam doesn't steal my soul in the process...

  11. Ollllllllld Schoooooooool! Welcome back buddy!
  12. Internet shopping is man's greatest achievement

  13. I don't remember where I got "Sartillies" from. I picked it up while playing Motocross Madness 2 on MSN gaming zone with my sweet 56k and thinking it sounded cool because it wasn't "XtremeStuntMaster07", "8MYDUST414" or "=123=GenericGameRelatedTitle". "Sart" came from playing with guys from GRNET and Aggression on Team Speak, and no one wanting to try and figure out what the hell a "Sartillies" was or how to say it. When we got the new forums and had to re-register, I just stuck with it.
  14. BRB in four months.

  15. Best instructions in the history of gaming - "SHOOT ALL NINJAS !!"

  16. Oh wow. My roommate just came home with the "slim" (or 2000) model last night. He traded his old PS3, and a couple of bucks, for it. I thought that was pretty small for a PS3, but this new one is really cool looking. I like the way the CD tray slides, that's pretty neat. Modern gaming consoles are really amazing, they just keep getting better over time. Too bad the quality of games (in my opinion) can't keep up. Speaking of Playstation, I just picked up a PS1 a few weeks ago for $10, pretty sweet deal... Although I feel like I'm cheating on my Saturn.
  17. Buy me Bonestorm, OR GO TO HELL!

  18. I think I've become nocturnal.

  19. Today I learned my old website domain was turned into a porn site. Not a very fitting name for one.

  20. A USPS truck crashed causing a game I order to vanish. Now it's probably on the side of a highway somewhere getting rained on.

  21. This week sucks.


  23. Thats how awesome BIS is. They will GO TO FREAK'N JAIL in order to make maps for YOU.
  24. Pfffft... Maltesers? Really dude? Why don't you MAN THE "F" UP and get some Woppers.

  25. One week till vacation! HELLZ YEAHZ.

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