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  1. Yeah but fo’ real though, OGR still BestGR. Also bump. Sorry Rocky, I still lurk!
  2. Keep the hat bill flat and the sticker on it. AND HERE IS WHY.
  3. This thread is hilarious. ANYWAY, I hope it pans out to be a SWAT 5. The fluid peeking and door movement reminds me of Raven Shield. SWAT 3 and 4 had some of the best teammate AI in any game I have every played. SWAT and OLD Rainbow Six games are two things I really enjoy that have sadly gone away. Really excited to see what this game turns into! Perhaps in the future a few of us can get together and launch an assault on The Anal Staircase. Although I really hope they change the name. "READY OR NOT" sounds like a $6.99 Steam title.
  4. Oh wow that looks pretty darn cool! Never heard of this game. Those indoor gun shots definitely sound like the real deal, very nice. Big fan of SWAT 3/4. This reminds me a lot of some of darker toned missions from #4. Thanks for sharing this, i'll be keeping an eye on it!
  5. OH SNAP, that's way to much 1337 in one sentence, your going to break the forums! That azz cup tourney we all did was awesome, just a bunch of random forum goers go and make a team out of the blue. Good stuff! (What place did we come in anyway? I forgot!) I'm going to have to go check out TE on they wayback.
  6. BIS's baby continues to amaze me over the years. The game was released to the public in an Alpha state in 2013, they have supported almost every single day with patches (dev branch), and have DLC's planned all the way till 2018. Few developers can say they support a product as well as BIS does. Looks pretty darn good even without photoshop. Click for higher rez.
  7. So your IP is the actual game server and that GRNET discord thing is like Team Speak? (Dumb question probably) I'll bring this bum along with me.
  8. Yawn. How dare someone criticize a GR game on a GR discussion board. Yawn. Yawn.
  9. Dude I still have this game. After seeing this thread, I went and looked through the box I toss all my old PC games in. Sure enough, still have the case, manual and disc (somehow in great shape). I wonder if there is a way to run it on Windows 10? Now I want to play it. I hope I have the 586k of RAM and 4MB of hard drive space.
  10. Or when they stare at the bottom of their boot like they're always stepping in dog ######.
  11. I wouldn't mind seeing a return to the multiple teams and overall more "professional" feel of the first (and even a little bit of the second) ghost recon games. What I mean by professional, is that the Ghost seem to have went from being an SF units with a dash of future gear to baby's first airsoft team trying to look cool for their facebook page. Seriously, I'm sick of seeing this guy in video games. UBI ain't even trying to hide that rip-off. Also, I'm sick to death of four men vs the world shooters.
  12. Yes, yes and more yes. Games are addicted to this nonsense these days. Wildlands in particular has some of the worst, cringe worthy character designs I've ever seen in a video game. That's impressive, seeing as the FPS genre is filled to the brim with "my friends friends friend did a google search, and THIS is how SOF dudes look like in real life!"
  13. "The uploader has not made this video available in your country." Ubi doesn't want me to watch cats. Jokes on them though, I know where all the cats are.
  14. Give this a little bump-a-roo. OGR was dope. I played Rogue Spear and some motocross game on MSN Gaming Zone on my sweet 56k, but it was pretty on and off (much like the POS connection). Ghost Recon was the first game I put a TON of hours into though. I went straight-up computer nerd cave-dweller with OGR; headset, microphone, teamspeak, you-this-is-me tactical talk. Total cringe. I forked out the big bucks going from a TNT2 to a GeForce 4. The dark ages when you had to wait for all your crew to go out and physically purchase the expansion packs before you could get together for multiplayer, instead of now where you can just be like "Yeah Steam is about done downloading it, BRB in five". Getting mad beyond belief because "an Ethiopian Soldier" would head shot you from half a map away. Multiplayer co-op up to nine (whoooaaaa)! Friday / weekend games were the regular here, we had a GRNET server at one point, our own forum team that rocked some co-op tournaments. Fun times. Still the best online gaming community I've been apart of.
  15. Yeah that's pretty cool. Photoshop for $120 is worlds better than something like Acrobat DC BASIC for $155.
  16. I edit PDFs a lot, and Adobe gets roughly $155 a year from me due to Acrobat DC's annual "subscription". Money I could be spending on more important things. $1500 for Photoshop is insane. With that kind of cash, you could easily buy a new liver in Bangladesh.
  17. I was originally going to follow that title up with a bible quote and somehow relate it to a story about my garbage disposal unit blowing up and sending meat chunks everywhere, but I'm entirely too lazy for any of that. "LOL WHY U MAKE THAT TITLE THEN!?" Because that was the original title of my first blog post back in uh... I forgot because I deleted them all without checking. Yeah that's right IM STARTING OVER. WHAT YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? So here's the thing. The last Ghost Recon title I owned was... the second one, GR2 on the XBOX (the original one that actually worked, GG BILL). So admittedly, I'm a little "out of the game" when it comes to the series. HOWEVER, I still have this neat little section of this website where I can post my deepest and darkest secrets. So i'll probably start using this rant and rave instead of anything actually series related. "LOL SO ###### U BEEN DOING THEN!?" Well I just got out of the military after eleven frickin years. Had a lot of fun, but it is time to move on. What am I moving on to I would rather keep private, but it "makes me happy" and that is what matters in life. :gandhiemoticon: I still get my gaming on though! If any of you scum bags wants to play ArmA 3, let me know. OR DON'T, WHATEVER. Until next time, I leave you with this inspirational quote: "I had to throw the whole bag of food out the window because the god damn zebra wouldn't stop chewing on my truck mirrors."
  18. Any old farts still around these days? Thinking of picking up GR1 on Steam for a weekend.

  19. Oh lerds, I did it again. Happy I'm-late-new-years!
  20. "Lol is it weird that I'm a 14 year old girl in the 21st century and I adore this song??" .... SHUT YOUR MOUTH

  21. Kinda late to the show, but merry Christmas!
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