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  1. did u get my PM lexsis?i sent the pic there . same german uniform just different shemagh
  2. nicely done btw as a follow up, how bout a german desert operator wearing a shemagh ? i think i saw a pic of it posted in the wikkid photos thread.
  3. how bout that desert get up in the military ###### website.? the one with the shemagh? That would reaaly look cool !
  4. so its ramirez then with the most votes?
  5. as always good job! btw , how "black" will they be in DS?
  6. look in the swebat mod thread
  7. with these HK guns coming out from either Swarts,SnowF , or Thumper(hopefully), Munz and Henkel will finally get their weapons upgraded!!
  8. ahh ...Photoshop..nice software...lol
  9. is there a G11 in there somewhere?
  10. AWeesomee guys!! good work!! expect the visit counter to increase dramatically!
  11. Can we see some eye candies? the final guns lineup?
  12. for a moment there I thought i was looking at a crossbow
  13. with those guns in the line up...my prayers are answered!!!! looking forward to this Mod Thumper. Yes!!! Oh pls deploy the bipods on these guns and not folded, dat would really look cool!! AMP DSR1 SD too?
  14. any chance in v2.0 there would be an M21 with aimpoint sights ala Black Hawk Down?
  15. isnt that Scott Ibrahim over there?behind that rock?u just missed him:)u can see the barrel of his rifle nice pic
  16. what?no one wants to post here? no hot babes?
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