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  1. ooh oooh...me too! how hard can a HKG11 be? lol
  2. Say SF, do you have a "souped" up version of the Glock 18? you know,skeleton stock. sights etc., i think i saw one in a MOD but cant remember the name .
  3. If SF can do something as cool as that on Tunneys weapon, i can just imagine what his version would be like on the HK G36 line. key word..imagine
  4. Holy cow!!!! he's president alright!
  5. would the patch include a SA80 with grenade launcher? heheh oh btw SF, since u got all the models there in your hrddrve, how does an xm8 look with a masterkey shotgun underneath it? Ugly? any pic? As for GR1 dying out? maybe, but hell im still playing it! i just hope The Hk MOd gets fnshedbefore you modders shift to GR2:) or Vbs1
  6. Hehe.. my Ghosts just turned trigger happy all of a sudden nice work SF
  7. oh so i take it only the At4 has this "attached" look when kneeling?
  8. im just curious.. on those mods where the gun is placed behind the soldiers back, why is it when they kneel, the gun kinda moves away frm the body? i know i read this somehwere in the forums but was it ever "resolved"?Will it ever be "fixed"? can the gun ever stick to the back while kneeling? or is this a glitch? just curious as always:)
  9. soo.... which comes out first? xm8 mod or tunneys wep upgrade?
  10. ......."The release of this mod should be sometime during this week, going to ship off the last models to Lancer today for compiling. Mean's I wouldn't have time to fix up a GL for the L85 though, even if I do have a highpoly AG36 that I could cut polys on and use. ..." well...it doesnt say its not going to be done:) at least we have something to wait for then (jking)
  11. yesss!!!!! oh yeah!!! Hey Sf, you gotta put a Grenade launcher on that L82a2!! man u just gotta!!
  12. this year, Christmas is gonna be suhweeett!!! nice work Thump!!!!
  13. just curious...if you rendered the lens on that combat light attachment as opaque white, would it "appear" all white during night missions? i saw this "effect" on parasite eve 2 on PS1, it was on a sigsauer pistol...just curious:)
  14. thats quality work! cant wait for the HK G36 line......... oh and nice pics in D-boys gunworld site
  15. Awesome!!!! and the target date for d/l is...??? heheh
  16. uhh.. theres really goggles on the guys head? (the one with the shemagh)?
  17. well i sure wish to see Snwfellas version of the G11 hehe
  18. hey lexsis, how about goggles on that troopers head? or one with goggles on:)
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