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  1. I ve been out of the GR loop for quite some time. Dissatisfied with GRAW on PS2. NOthing beats the original.. heheh. Saw some pics on HKPRO about this rifle. My question is... has this rifle been in any mod?
  2. i cant seem to view the three pics?
  3. Will there be any other types of scopes on that Kickass rifle? Or will i t be just an aimpoint? That railing is begging for some more goodies on it, scopes like what Bruce Willis had on his rifle in Tears of the Sun. just a thought.
  4. I wish /hope Swartz's SCAr rifle shows up in that future MOD
  5. any chance some of these uniforms look like those made by Crye Precision ?
  6. Man I wish Santa would let us see these toys someday
  7. im just curious, is that a standard length AW rifle?
  8. im not a gun expert but is the HKm4 in this mod the same as the HK416 i saw in www.hkdefense.us? whas the designated name? -curious-
  9. yup.. Just read the Afghanistan thread. The MG36 is there Say Mr Streinger, any chance you still gonna make other weapons for GR1?
  10. Uhh... does anyone know where I can find The MG36 made by Streinger&company ? Was it "donated" by any chance to another mod?
  11. ditto..eyecandy of the aw.50 maybe?
  12. I just saw some re-run of the movie the Hulk on cable and in one of the highlights of said movie, i thought I saw what appeared to be a para version of the m249 but with an M203 underneath the barrel. The scene was quick, so i could not verify for sure. Yeah yeah, i know.. too Hollywoodish..unrealistic. but still....its one heck of a gun eh? So any modder ever made one?
  13. uhh.. will Tunney get his rifle upgraded with the grenade launcher/rifle combo?
  14. uhh..any news guys? Is thumper doing any more guns?
  15. just a question, Is the AI .50 roughly the size of the Barrett .50? I never seen them side by side before. And I think I saw a pic somewhere in these forums of a guy wielding the said rifle and i must say, its one heck of a huge gun!
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