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  1. I made that weapon a while back. Files are on my old hd, if anyone is interested. Probably would need updating but if someone wants it, they can have it.
  2. Good show. Looks like alot of fun. Have a safe return home Gordo. Ill catch up with you next trip over mate.
  3. Yeah GR had some legs to carry it all this way. Games these days do not. I understand the feelings of "finding that special game" once again. You have to ask yourself Why were they special? I can tell you, simply they were innovative. Games these days are not, just some variations of things that have already been done many times over like character views, weapon views, character animations, graphic effects, etc.....how many variatinos of third person views do we need? I modded R6/UO and GR with the same great bunch of guys for years. Probably the longest running team of R6/GR fame. I have not seen or played one title that has given me that itch to get back into it, with the exception of VBS1, sad really and that has a limited audiance. ArmA should fit the bill for those die hards that long for big maps, unlimited possibilities in scripting, etc.....but not everyone is into that. We can continue to keep our fingers crossed for that groundbreaking title, but I fear those days are slipping away, due to pressure to develop games that appeal to younger audiances. It will be interesting to watch what the future holds.
  4. Snow that looks fantastic mate, good job.
  5. Thanks for giving us a shout out. As Whisper and Snow stated, nothing on the books right now guys. Snow makes my weapons for VBS, lol. Guess I got lazy, or actually cant keep up with all the talented guys modding today.
  6. Fantastic work as always snow. Cant wait to try it out.
  7. I played it on a couple occassions. Didnt do it for me. Sent it to a buddy.
  8. Looks fantastic Snow, I would leave the 203 sight up as well, I like it
  9. Fantastic as always snow. Cant wait to see it in game.
  10. Yeah snow I made one a long time ago. Different rail system though. Still like the looks of the rifle.
  11. Looks good. Looks like I may have not have textured the top of the rear sight. Let me know if you want a easy fix for it.
  12. Here is the list of released weapons...we probably made just as many that were not released. IDF Mod 71 NED Mod 107 SCAR Mod 17 Team Mod 77 Cold Call Out 24 Total=296 ← LMAO, that doesnt even come close. I have half that sitting in 3dsm. Not trying to hijack either Swartz. As always top notch models man, love them
  13. I have to agree with cobra somewhat. However, I dont want the same game updated. I know the concept would be popular and I would buy it in a heartbeat but I think you can re-create some classic stuff, one example Hunter Johnny's Maps and other classics that have been recreated and very well done. Things I would like to see: 1. One thing I havent noticed mentioned is replayability. We play the same maps over and over and know exactly where the tangos are every time. There are some slight changes, but even those are the same. More random placements for tangos in new rounds. I know this is limited, but I think you get my point. 2. Coming from a weapon mod guy, I want some decent 3rd person wep models. I didnt have a problem with the 1st person views and thought they were very well done. The 3rd person models are terrible. I know the reasons why, Im just saying I would like to see better 3rd person models. 3. Four teams instead of three and more insertion points on maps. 4. More "on the fly commands" for team members. I thought Swat 4 did this pretty well. I want more control of the actions and orders I can give to team members. 5. Better reactions from tangos when they have been engaged. Now you either kill them or they run around the corner. Better AI all around I guess. 6. More weapons choices. I know that sticking with the theme would hender this, so Im somewhat pulled in both directions. 7. Ability to add more attachments to weapons (lights, scopes, suppressors, etc..) Like many I still love the game and play it alot and will continue too. I look forward to seeing what the future brings to the franchise.
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