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  1. I've heard quite the opposite from many sources. They say Russia has been giving covert and to the South Ossetia for years now in order to bolster the separatists. For years now they have been looking for an excuse to intervene and they couldn't have picked a better time. The world is distracted by the Olympics and the world's superpower is already caught up in two wars. Sounds like the Russians have been planning this for a while now. But that just could be me looking to far into this.
  2. I love how this conversation degraded from a discussion of the new features of GRAW2 to a ego fight. Nice going boys...
  3. Armed Assault? Yeah, GR1 was the OICW, GR2 was either the M8 or the M29 (new version of the OICW), and GRAW was the Crye. It looks like the Rx4 is going to be it for GRAW2
  4. Morphine!?! You never give morphine to a shooter in an active combat zone and to someone who you still need to be a shooter. Morphine is for the trip back to the field hospital
  5. Yeah, it definitely is. The guy at the rear is carrying the M4. And I was wrong, the medic is carrying a P90. Great side shot of it at 00:59.
  6. I bet its the M468, the modified version of the M4 to take the new 6.8mm round
  7. I'm sorry you think the camo looks horrid, but believe it or not, that's what the current US Army has switched over to recently I was actually impressed. Dont think any of it was gameplay but it was very good... goes from action to omg...hes down.... The only thing i didnt like is mitchell he looks like he is gettin to old.....or they need to change him up......since he is the face of the franchise now. ....Note: Now available on gametrailers.com and... i saw two weapons shown....the SA-80 (i think) but im sure i saw the P-90. And they should put the xm-8 in single player this time as a selectable weapon. I didn't see an SA-80, but I did see the M4. The prodigal son has returned! I also can see a SCAR-L and an MP5-PDW w/ a crazy scope on it in the first scene (held by the medic from what I can tell). The trailer doesn't hold up to the one from the first GRAW, but it still got me pretty excited
  8. My feeling is that a tactical medic could be a great thing to have on the team as long, as some people have said, as its implemented correctly. Medics should be there to stabilize a wounded soldier who would otherwise bleed out after getting shot. It would be great if the medic could be used if a Ghost was hit in the arm or leg (affecting the player/AI in movement and ability) to slap on a tourniquet (and before you flame me about the tourniquet, it is SOP of the military to use them in hot zone care and can be applied for up to four hours) or a QuikClot pressure bandage to control the bleeding and get the Ghost back into the fight. Anything else beyond this bleeding control for hot zone care (use of NPAs) would be extremely difficult to model in the game realistically. So if the game just sticks with bleeding control to regain function in the extremities, I think the medic would be a great addition to the game. Another great idea for the medic (though probably not going to happen) would be for the medic/teammates to get the injured to cover and stabilize them there. Then leave them for a later extraction or carry them to the CCP so you don't lose them in later missions. Much harder to implement, but would be a serious addition to the realism of the game.
  9. Well, only if the mission is going more than four hours, which I seriously doubt is going to be the case in GRAW2, judging from the length of the missions in the first GRAW. Tourniquets don't do any significant damage to life or limb until about that point and their use for hot zone care is SOP of the military. I'd rather him feel some pressure than to totally bleed out and die on the battlefield. But who knows, by then they will probably being using QuikClot regularly and we won't have to deal with any tourniquets or Cinchtights
  10. I might be the only one who thinks that a tactical medic can be a great idea if it is implemented correctly. It would be great if he could throw a tourniquet on a Ghost who got shot in the arm to get them back on their feet. I think it would be a great idea for stabilizing a non-critical pt. and getting him back on his feet. Tactical medics (18 Delta) have a place on a special ops team and I've been waiting to see a game use one correctly for a long time.
  11. Yeah, I've figured out how not get myself stuck, but two of my teammates still get stuck. I've beat the demo with one teammate, but it would a lot more enjoyable to be able to utilize all of them
  12. Everytime I try to play the demo, when the first two teammates fast rope out of the helo, they somehow manage to go through the roof of the nearest building on their way down and end up inside, where they are not supposed to be. THis means they can't get out and I'm stuck with just one teammate. This also happens to my character if I'm the first one out the door. Has this happened to anybody else and what do I do to fix it?
  13. Ghost Recon 2: Stonewall Sounds like the same game to me though: "Cripple a North Korean threat to keep a conflict between Russia and China from going nuclear"
  14. I tried re-installing GR, DS, IT, then the DS patch and it still des the same thing. This is very stange. Do you think I need to uninstall everything, including the registry entries?
  15. Thank you for the suggestion. I've tried installing and reinstalling twice now and it still hasn't worked. If anyone else has a suggestion, I would really like to hear it.
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