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  1. That's pretty much the truth SN - now I'm hassling the VBS modders for stuff!
  2. Me too - so that I can use OFP addons in VBS...
  3. Oh the humanity! I'm telling the RSPCA
  4. Thanks Para - I worry that I'm asking far too many noob questions there...maybe I'll send him a PM...
  5. G'day guys, you know how on the VBS promo vid theres a fast jet that drops 3 bombs onto a hill as it hoons past... Just wondering...how can I do that? (call in an airstrike that is...I don't care much for flying the jets)
  6. ok - will have to practice - either that or stick to the Land Rover - That's my favourite vehicle - very realistic!
  7. I've noticed how hard it is to fly the choppers - is there a tutorial around somewhere? I either go to 400 odd feet and can't get down, or fly straight into a mountain...
  8. Looks awesome Sir - perfect hand placement! I love the LSW variant!
  9. Commiserations Chems - good luck Sir
  10. Stewy

    The Mosque

    I really don't mean disprespect to TOML - but will the mosque be released seperately soon? It's just that I'd like to use the map with Aussie troops
  11. Can people sit inside for insertions?
  12. Thanks heaps guys - certainyl a lot of food for thought. Intel P4 2.0 gig, 768 RAM, Nvidia Card (not sure which sort, but a pretty good one), Win XP SP1 It goes alright...
  13. Looks good - my only beef is how weird they hold their rifles
  14. Ok, have seen the website and video trailer... The models look great - but the characters look really clunky - and it's weird how they don't hold their rifles into their shoulder... Is this the case in VBS1 - or does the video not do justice to the game? It looks like a good game, but $AUD 200 is a lot of dinero to run around and shoot people (something GR does well) How does she run on 'normal' systems?
  15. NICE!!!!!!!!!!! Checking it out now
  16. save up some dineros and buy VBS stewy, its kicks a.rse compared to GR, and has alot of aussie content. Yeah SN, the models look good, but the diggers look a bit clunky - it looks like they're holding their rifles across their body when the run around... Do you get the same 1st person perspective like GR?
  17. Funny and sad at the same time - I guess Falconer has gone the way of the dodo...
  18. A great review for a great vehicle pack Stalks! All of my missions now have insertions with Chems' trucks!
  19. Can someone please explain the Israeli thing on their helmets - is it a traditional thing?
  20. Yeah, I'd probably need a command map - handy for patrol coordination and setting up ambushes... So the biggest is 400x400 is it?
  21. Wow Wormie that's exactly what I was looking for - is it as big as a GR map can be? I'm really looking for size. I'd love it as a zip - will PM you with addy!
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