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  1. seriously thanks much gents. IMO this is the best FPS out there for COOP at the moment thanks to you mission scripters and map makers.
  2. server sided missions....those were nice. point and click options not typing commands.
  3. I thought GRAW2 was there on the game play I thought it was great but lacked in key areas. What I would like to see in GR-IV..... More coop slots like WK said above Better Script editor....simpler......no code writing......and stable would be nice. Better simpler servers (deicated or hosting) none of this "/admin/login/map_01 or what ever it is that's weak. I'd like to see kit selection in COOP like it was in the single player GRAW2 pick your pri, 2nd, nades, smoke .... and support the game with patches and an expantion or two don't move straight to GR-V when this one hits the store shelves.
  4. yep i turned a couple people onto it already hope it helps us get more missions.
  5. I was having the same issue glad I don't have to figure it out......thanks!
  6. ok I'm in on the map. I tried so many things I'm not sure if they all helped from adding the quote to adding run as admin on everything but the (x86) was the last thing that got me in.....what a dumb thing to miss. Thanks for the help I'll try to get this scripting down and repay you all with some coop missions. now off to the wiki.......
  7. yes it's 64. tried adding quote. no go. I thought that maybe I had to set the editor up as run as admin along with the .bat but that didn't work either. I'll play around some more tomorrow if you got any more ideas let me know. Thanks, Brian
  8. run as admin didn't work for me.... my captures... http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/unk..._editor_bat.jpg http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/unk..._world_info.jpg dang the world inf one is crapy res. I'll redo after i get kids in bed.
  9. yeah I'll post pic's when I get home tonight. I just thought of something my issue might be the "run as admin" thing again.....I might need to set the editor.bat file to run as admin in the properties. (can't believe I didn't check that out last night. )
  10. I was following the wiki trying to make urban_conflict into a coop game in 15min. I edit world_info and replace mission xml then create the editor.bin but the editor will not open. I believe my issue is that I have vista and it is not extracting the bundle exactly like xp did in the video. Here is a capture of the contents of the coop_urban_conflit folder as you can see it's not the same as in the video. http://i30.photobucket.com/albums/c345/unk...act_Capture.jpg do you think thats my issue?? that it didn't extract correctly?? Any Ideas?? Thanks, Brian
  11. I just started looking at the GRAW2 tutorials and it's all a little right now and I'm worried I may not get a grip on this but I'm going to try.....so no question or issues yet but be ready.... honestly I think this game really needs a editor to the editor... ...really something that looked like the mission scripter from [GR] but could code everything to HTML...(like Dreamweaver does for webpages)...seems like something doable for someone with the knowledge.......oh to dream. anyway I was wondering if this is part of scripting.... I'm partial to the weapon selection done in the single player or COOP Campaign Server could that be modded/scripted to be used on all COOP missions instead of the Demo/Assault/Sniper/Support kit selection?? it would be awesome if so. (I'm guessing no because it has not been done yet.) ok back to reading....
  12. I got into GRAW2 only a few months ago because of my disappointment in GRAW1, and I have been very surprised on how good it is. Yeah there are a few things I dislike but the game play is very good the only thing this game is missing is a bigger community.....and simpler modding tools. I usually play on Friday/Saturday nights @ 9:00 PST. When I host my server is.... Server: Eagles Nest PW: Unknown all is welcome.
  13. yeah no problem, I hope I have the time to really get a handle on mission scripting in GRAW2.....two young kids at home say the odds are against it but we'll see.
  14. sorry my email was an old one I have it updated now if you want to resend. also if I run into more issues would this be the proper topic to post them in?? Thanks, Brian
  15. your wiki has got me wanting to try to script a mission....I ran into a problem using bundler...... when I "run" the bundler nothing shows in the data folder I created I believe it's because of the "run as admin" thing vista has......anyone run into this issue and resolve it???? Thanks, Brian and thanks for this wiki hopefully it gives this game the legs it deserves. EDIT I solved my problem I leave my question incase anyone else runs into this. here is how to fix it..... right click on bundler.exe go to properties click the compatibility tab in the privilege level area check run this program as an admin. click apply / ok and follow the wiki again.
  16. That movie was sooo stupid....but I loved it. I almost turned it off but as soon as I got into the "dumb/silly movie" mood I thought it was great.
  17. in five minute intervals Undercover Brother....on my Zoon @ work.
  18. bkriley

    Folk Music

    Your getting old Avey it's as simple as that. I'm not sure what folk is my guess would be simple in style and lyrics like stories??? I don't know. I'm not sure this is folk or not...but I like Jim Croce. Very Relaxing style and good story telling. James Taylor is awesome, folk I don't think so but good.? Hope your doing well. Your old friend, Eagle.
  19. bkriley

    2 Months Have Passed

    Hey Avey, It's Eagle I remembered you had a blog here and droped by to say hey......I did that above (said "hey") if you missed it read again from the begining... ;-) anyway glad to hear your doing well, tell that old ###### to hook up the internet! Later, Brian
  20. any other unlucky guys out there have (4X128) 512 RDRAM PC1066 like me? gonna cost me some serious pennies to play this one.
  21. Happy Holidays to all, and a special Happy Holidays to the men and women in Iraq. Get home soon.
  22. 2 maybe 4 man COOP team is something that HAS to change! (please)
  23. Easy? I lost him at 'define it as part of the arm..." ← that's what I ment the explanation was to short and simple. It's got to be more in depth then that.
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