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  1. SaRaK


    i finally got island thunder so anyone got some ip addresses for game rooms that are on for a constant like 24/7 good rooms thou
  2. up and running in a few mins just got to start it k all
  3. in ghost recon main room gonna be called SaRaK's laughing lab
  4. well if you want some thing done have to do it your self i gonna make a game for 6 ppl using hx5 and trance m4 and desert siege mods/mission pack but nothing else (well apart from norm ghost recon missions) in 30 mins on ubi.com thingy plz join me.
  5. oh sorry i forgot to mention im from england cant use most of the american stuff and i have already got DS and GR
  6. ok is there any way i can have thunder island with out buying it cos i (a) cant find it at shops and (b) dont have the cash.
  7. i need a game now but with out hx5 on and island thunder, i just got connected to internet so any time now plz.
  8. ye try searching for return of castle wolfenstein it will show nothing they dont even have a folder for it but i know it has things there i have several of em, also to your question what ya trying to down load try this site then go on google search ghost recon and go to one thats web address is something like ghostrecon.retreat.com or something like that and try to see if its got the download several of these sort of sites (on google search) you dont have to go to file planet for em.
  10. no idea but try finding a site to download it straight off if thats the case.
  11. Hallileuah (cant spell) we have converted a new en to the fold of the all mighty ghost recon.
  12. i recently was hiding behind a hill on first mission elite there was one guy left in the camp i saw him and had to duck before death, so i wait and just hopped up and shot one shot with my svd and got him and killed in one i even think it was a head shot it was sweet.
  13. so me myself i live near London in England and we get so many ppl here that i would just like to know?
  14. no but all of the english papers had the title for this story as "good morning baghdad".
  15. i generally learn how to play online. for most games hey i dont care about being the butt of ppls jokes, beacause when im better and good at the game i will find those that annoy me and kill thenm repeatedly. remeber revenge to some little pr**k with a comp and a good aim when your new is as sweet as ambrosia (the food of the gods not the rice pudding makers).
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